EA Sports FC 24 Release & Features – Opportunity for FIFA?

Published: Oct 2, 2023 - Last Updated: Oct 3, 2023

It is finally here! EA Sports FC 2024 was released officially on September 29, 2023 and is on sale now. This first game does not to fall under the FIFA branding.

With the split between EA and FIFA and the promise FIFA made to develop their own football game, what the future of EA Sports figurehead title looks like has long been debated.

Well now, everyone can see for themselves.

What is the Verdict on EA Sports FC 24?

The good news, or bad news depending on your point of view, is that EAFC 24 will be entirely familiar to you if you played the EA Sports FIFA branded series at any point in the recent past.

The gameplay mechanics, while updated to include AI learning, are almost the same as earlier games. The look and style of the game will be entirely familiar and while there are plenty of new innovations, including a vastly expanded focus on women’s football, the game is still one that FIFA 23 players can pick up and play without any issues.

On Steam, reviews have generally been mixed. At the time of writing, nearly 4,800 players had left a review on Steam with 55% saying their experience was positive. Not great, not terrible. Some players have pointed out some of the best features but also lamented that EA didn’t really improve certain key aspects of the game.

To me, this provides a major opportunity for FIFA and should strongly incentivize them to develop a game that can truly (maybe, easily) challenge EA.

Will that happen? It remains to be seen.

ea sports fc release features

Key EAFC 2024 Release Features

Some of the key features of EAFC 2024 include:

For fans of the new game, we are also looking into what is available for EA Sports FC betting.

What about EAFC Esports & Tournaments?

Many FIFA betting enthusiasts and competitors will be wondering what the latest is regarding its online and esports environment for the new game.
This replacement for the former FIFA esports tournaments will now be called FC Pro and this is split into three major options:

The first FC Pro World Championship is scheduled for June 2024.

Images credit: EA/Steam

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