How to Hit Legend Rank in Hearthstone

Published: Apr 1, 2022

It is always the perfect time to hit the Legend rank in Hearthstone, whether it is the start of a rotation or the end of it. If you happen to be a new player, this goal might be a bit more difficult compared to those who have already played the game before, but it is not impossible. This advice will, of course, be focused mostly on Standard, but some advice goes for Wild and Classic modes too.

Learn the cards from the rotation

It should not be a surprise that the key to becoming one of the best players in the game is to learn all the available cards. You would be surprised just how much knowing the available option from your opponent can impact the game, as you will not play a reactive game but a strategic one instead. Another advantage that the knowledge of the cards can give you is knowing the possible outcomes from discovery and cards with random effects.

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It might be a bit tedious to learn all the cards, as there are hundreds of them in rotation, but once you get them down, you will notice just how much your game plan is going to change in future games.

Play a meta deck!

We all want to have fun and try out some crazy decks that we created ourselves, but if you want to climb the ladder efficiently and quickly, playing a meta deck is the best way to do so. You will always be able to find the list of Hearthstone top decks on our site that is updated with each expansion or patch that has a major impact on the game.

Of course, our lists will not feature all of the decks that are meta, but the ones we personally had success with, and if you want to expand the possibilities of meta decks, then watching competitive Hearthstone and snatching some of their decks is not a bad idea.

Playing an aggro deck is usually suggested

The fastest way to climb the ladder is to play a fast deck, and aggressive decks that can conclude the game in around ten turns are the ones to go for. This is especially the case in the earlier ranks, where you will be getting bonus stars for wins and a bonus for winning streaks, where people will mostly play decks for fun and experimentation.

Once you reach rank 5 in diamond, you can stick to an aggressive and easy to play deck, but sometimes switching to a slower deck that might have a better chance against the meta is a bold decision to make. Usually, we would suggest sticking to one deck and playing it until legend, even if it takes hundreds of games, but if you are just stuck on rank 5, switching to a slower deck just to see how it goes is not a bad idea.

Give yourself time

Climbing the last few ranks of the ladder can be quite frustrating, as everyone is going to be playing their best. It is not uncommon to play 200-300 games from rank 5 to legend, even for professional Hearthstone players, so do not feel bad if you are stuck on a certain rank.

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Use a deck tracker

While this is not a must, it will certainly help your climb, as you will have access to more information, and you will not have to remember the cards that you or your opponent already played. Deck trackers are also good to keep track of stats, which can give you insight into if playing a game is a waste of time, like having a 10% win rate against a certain class, for example.

Watch competitive Hearthstone!

While snatching some additional meta decks and enjoying esports betting that the competitive Hearthstone scene offers, you can learn quite a lot about the game. This is especially the case if you are playing decks that are more combo-oriented or that use unique interactions. You would be surprised how much you can learn from watching the pros in action without even realizing it until you too pull off those crazy plays.

Keep playing and have fun!

As cliché as this advice might be, the more you play the game, the better you are going to get. The key is to keep paying attention to the matchups and to learn those small tricks and limits that your deck has. Once you learn the deck to its essence, you will win a lot of games in a way that they seemed very close, but in reality, you will know that you had it in the bag the whole time.

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