How to watch the LPL 2022 Spring Live

Posted on February 7, 2022

Now that the new League of Legends competitive year is starting, here’s everything you need to know on how to watch LPL for 2022! From the schedule to all the official broadcast partners, you will have all the necessary information to fully enjoy the LPL 2022 Spring Split!

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LPL 2022 Spring Split Schedule

The LPL 2022 is starting on Jan. 10, with its projected end date on Mar. 20. Remember that the dates might undergo changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but Riot has already adapted the online format in the past to make sure all major regions have similar end dates.

Compared to most major regions, the LPL plays for a total of 9 weeks instead of the usual eight. In terms of competitive, the LPL is the most active region in the world, with matches every day of the week! From Monday to Thursday, the LPL houses 2 series per day and then 3 during the weekend, with a total of 17 Bo3 matches!

As of right now, we don’t know the exact schedule for the LPL 2022 Spring Playoffs, but it should start almost right away after the regular season. Last year, the Spring Split ended at the end of March and the Playoffs started right away in April. This year, they should be able to anticipate the start towards the end of March, as the Playoffs should last a total of two weeks approximately.

how to watch LPL live streaming

How to watch LPL 2022 Spring Split Live

There are different ways to watch all the action from the LPL 2022 Spring Split. You can either tune in through the LoL Esports page or the LPL’s official Twitch channel. It doesn’t really make much of a difference in terms of quality, but the experience does change a bit between the two. On one hand, Twitch favors the interaction with other fans and you can react with special emojis to your favorite teams. On the other, the LoL Esports page secures yourself Hextech chests and keys that you can use directly with your client, as long as you’re logged in with your official Riot account.

The LPL 2022 Spring Split can also be watched through Youtube. Not only does it stream the LPL games, but it also includes some of the Mic Checks, highlight replays, and podcasts on the Chinese region.

LPL Live stream

To have a more immersive experience, however, you can also check out Huya to watch the LPL live action in Chinese. The streaming platform has successfully acquired the exclusive broadcasting rights of the LPL for five years and will arrange a series of live-streaming activities before and after the competition, and invite guests to participate. By watching directly from their platform, you might be able to see special content that you don’t see anywhere else. Of course, everything will be in Chinese so unless you want to learn the language or you know some already, it will be hard to follow. Not to mention that you might have problems connecting to the Chinese servers.

Anyway, there are so many ways to watch the LPL that one will surely suit you: Riot made sure all the people can watch the great action that the region offers. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy some LPL action!

Also, if you want to follow all the latest news and updates on your favorite teams, you can also follow the LPL official Twitter account! 

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