HypeX.gg Platform Officially Rebranded as Compete.gg

Published: Apr 21, 2022

Following on from a complete rebrand of the firm, React Gaming has refreshed the HypeX.gg platform, which now goes by the name ‘Compete.gg’. This news comes less than a week after the organisation, previously known as Intema Solutions, completed an overhaul that included a new name and a fully revitalised image. While the esports offerings of HypeX.gg will remain the same under the Compete.gg banner, React Gaming hopes that this rebrand will help to bring more users into the ecosystem.

As a platform, Compete.gg is a one-stop shop for free-to-enter esports tournaments. It’s a relatively small platform at present, but there are ambitious goals in place for the React Gaming squad. According to the platform’s statistics, there are more than 9,000 registered users, and since its inception, the platform has hosted almost 200 tournaments.

Showing Off Your Skills


At the heart of the Compete.gg platform is the ability for players to… Well, compete. It’s ‘the home of free-to-enter tournaments’ that offer real-world cash prizes. It has been designed as an esports social gaming platform, uniting the community and permitting them to use the platform to compete, rank up, and display their skills for the world to see.

Following this rebrand, the platform looks more connected to esports than ever before, boasting a fresh aesthetic. In a statement, Laurent Benezra, the CEO of React Gaming, explained the mission behind the rebrand:

The rebranding to Compete.gg is a first step towards bringing more traction to the brand and more revenue to our esports ecosystem. Gamers using Compete’s unique esports tournament platform will greatly benefit from its engaging, supportive, community-driven functionalities coupled with stat aggregation tracking, easy-to-read dashboards, strong anti-cheat measures and cash rewards with fast payouts. Compete.gg will also serve to promote our other top esports and iGaming brands through cross-marketing initiatives with LOOT.BET, Team BH and Parabellum.

Currently, the Compete.gg platform is a ‘for fun’ system, but as Benezra states, there could be cross-marketing opportunities with the likes of LOOT.BET. This all-in-one esports betting site is React Gaming’s flagship gambling platform, and there could be a potential tie-in with the competitive tournaments found and hosted through Compete.gg.

Now that Intema Solutions has completely rebranded to React Gaming, work can begin in earnest.

Potential Connections

With the rise of platforms that promote ‘bet-on-yourself’ mechanics, could a website like Compete.gg pick up on a similar concept? For instance, could players enter a skill-based tournament on the Compete.gg network and effectively bet on their own performance utilising a wagering system powered by LOOT.BET?

It’s a tantalising concept and it isn’t necessarily a strange one. In recent years, many platforms like Midnite, Unikrn, PLLAY, and UMG have all offered players the ability to bet on their own skills and abilities in-game. It’s not yet possible to determine where the Compete.gg platform will go next, but this is one potential avenue.

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