Kwebbelkop Net Worth: How Does Kwebbelkop Generate His Income?

Posted on October 1, 2022 - Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Want know what the Kwebbelkop net worth is? Well, we’ve got the answer right here. The fact is that Kwebbelkop has made a massive amount of cash from his YouTube exploits. While it might just look like some guy talking about GTA V, Kwebbelkop has somehow managed to make this a seriously lucrative occupation.

So we’re taking a closer look at Kwebbelkop makes his cash fromf everything from YouTube videos to his investment in crypto and NFTs. Take a look below to see how Kwebbelkop makes his money!

Net Worth$18 million
Real NameJordi Maxim van den Bussche
Date of Birth1 June 1995
Twitch Followers51,900
YouTube Subscribers14.9 million

Who is Kwebbelkop?

Kwebbelkop is a Dutch YouTuber who was born under the name Jordi van den Bussche in Amsterdam in 1995. He started his Kwebbelkop channel in 2008 and started uploading his first videos three years later. These featured him talking about a bunch of different games like Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Minecraft. Kwebbelkop is also well known for his sense of humour and for playing pranks on people.

Such was Kwebbelkop’s success that he joined forces with other Dutch YouTubers like Jelly to create the Robust gaming group. This group was known for creating funny gaming videos and it is thought to have significantly added to Jelly’s net worth as well as that of Kwebbelkop. While Kwebbelkop had to eventually leave Robust to concentrate on his health, he did briefly team up with PewDiePie for his Revelmode network.

We should also note that Kwebbelkop appears to be in a relationship with the popular YouTuber Azzyland. If you’ve read our article that discusses Azzyland’s net worth, you’ll know that the pair make a lot of cash between them! Kwebbelkop and Azzyland have already produced massive videos like ‘What Am I Kissing? Blindfolded Challenge’.

While most of this Kwebbelkop’s content goes on his main Kwebbelkop channel, he does also have a second channel called Kwebblecop that he keeps for his vlogs. All of this shows that the Kwebbelkop empire is just getting started.

How does Kwebbelkop make money?

We’ve seen lots of the highest-paid gamers who have made their money from some diverse revenue streams. Kwebbelkop is no different. Take a look below and see how this YouTuber makes his cash:

YouTube streams

Kwebbelkop’s main source of income is certainly his YouTube revenues. The fact that YouTube pays out royalties via AdSense for each video viewed means that Kwebbelkop has earned millions. This is especially true because Kwebbelkop has posted an astonishing 6.6 billion video views since he launched his YouTube channel in April 2008.

It’s hard to get firm figures regarding how much money Kwebbelkop makes from YouTube each month, but it is expected to be anywhere up to $35,000 per month. Plus we have to remember that Kwebbelkop is just outside the top 100 YouTubers in the US which is all the more impressive because Kwebbelkop is based in the Netherlands. So as Kwebbelkop approaches his 5,000-ever video posted, we can expect his revenues from YouTube to get even more impressive in the future!

Business ventures

Like many other gamers, Kwebbelkop has put some of his cash into business ventures. For example, we recently saw a Dutch YouTuber investing in the Backbone controller accessory for the iPhone.

Crypto Investment

Crypto investing is big business at the moment and it should come as no surprise that Kwebbelkop has got involved. Not only has he invested in cryptos, but Kwebbelkop has even set up his own NFL launchpad called LaunchMyNFT.

All you need to know about Kwebbelkop’s net worth

We can see that Kwebbelkop hasn’t been wasting time making a serious amount of money. While most of us will have uploaded a few gaming videos to YouTube, Kwebbelkop has turned this activity into a serious moneymaking operation. Thankfully, he’s pretty entertaining and so we can’t wait to see what Kwebbelkop does next to keep us interested. So make sure that you watch this space to see where the Kwebbelkop heads next!

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