Jelly Net Worth 2024: How Does Jelly Make His Money and What Is His Current Net Worth?

Published: Sep 24, 2022 - Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

Want to know what the Jelly’s net worth is? Of course, you do! Well, we’ve got this entire guide that’s dedicated to discussing how Jelly makes his money. Like many top YouTubers, Jelly has managed to scrape together a living just by posting some very funny videos about gaming. Over the years, his videos of games like GTA V have become hugely popular, helping him become one of the most famous YouTubers in Europe. So let’s look closely at the state of the Jelly’s net worth!

Net Worth$14 million
Real NameJelle Van Vucht
Date of Birth14 October 1996
Twitch Followers31,100
YouTube Subscribers29 million

Jelly Net Worth

Who is Jelly?

So, Jelly is actually a Dutch YouTuber who goes by the name Jelle Van Vucht. Born in the quiet Dutch city of Roermond, Jelly looked ready to get a real career by studying audio-visual courses in Eindhoven before his YouTube channel took off.

He started his JellyYT YouTube channel back in May 2014, and it quickly got to one million subscribers in less than a year. The channel initially featured funny videos of him playing games like Grand Theft Auto V.

Word about Jelly’s videos quickly spread, and it was only a matter of time before he was invited to become part of the Robust gaming group, whose videos about games like Golf It and Garry’s Mod helped to push Jelly’s fame even higher.

From here, Jelly has expanded his output with lots of Fortnite Deathruns as many gamers consult Jelly for his knowledge about the creative codes he’s added. On the whole, Jelly makes his money similarly to Miniminter’s net worth, just that he adds his own unique twist, which makes for some seriously entertaining viewing!

How does Jelly make money?

Jelly is yet another gamer on our list of highest-paid gamers who somehow manages to make a lot of money despite not being a regular pro gamer. Instead, Jelly uses his formidable personality and outrageous sense of humour to bring in a massive amount of cash via YouTube streaming, sponsorship deals and his own branded merch. Here’s how he does it!

YouTube revenues

We found that Jelly is currently the tenth most popular YouTuber in the UK, which is pretty impressive considering that he’s actually from the Netherlands. This means that nearly 23 million subscribers have pushed up Jelly’s total video views to a staggering 14 billion. We should note here that Jelly enjoys over 44 million video views each month, and when you consider how much advertising this generates, it’s fair to say that Jelly makes the bulk of his money from YouTube. While Jelly is on Twitch, he doesn’t post here too often.

Sponsorship deals

Like many other popular gaming celebrities, Jelly has successfully engineered some big sponsorship deals. For example, May 2019 saw Jelly teaming up with the G Fuel energy drink company. It’s unknown how much money this deal brought in, but it is sure to have kept the Jelly’s net worth nicely topped up.

Jelly Make Money
© Jelly/Instagram


We’ve recently seen how VanossGaming’s net worth has been kept at its impressive level thanks to that gamer’s branded merchandise, and the same is true of Jelly. After all, you can now visit the official Jelly merch store and find yourself buying signed Jelly t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and even duvet covers. Plus, there are even some Jelly back-to-school kits for younger gaming fans.

Your guide to the Jelly net worth

We’ve shown you that the Jelly’s net worth has reached some astonishing levels considering that this is just some guy from the Netherlands posting some vaguely amusing gaming videos. Above all, it’s a testament to Jelly’s personality and sense of humour that he has managed to make YouTube work so well for him.

We think it’s going to be interesting to see where Jelly goes from here, but judging from his recent GTV 6 leak commentary, we don’t think that he’s going to run out of topics anytime soon. So keep it here to see where the Jelly net worth heads next!

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What is Jelly’s net worth?

As of 2023, Jelly has 23.5 million subscribers on YouTube and is worth around $14 million.

How tall is Jelly?

Jelly, also known as Jelle Van Vucht, stands at 5 feet and 8 inches.

Who is Jelly's girlfriend?

Jelle “Jelly” Van Vucht and his girlfriend Sanna have been together for 8 years as of May 2023.
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