Don’t Miss This Week’s LoL Legendary Skin Sale

Published: Aug 2, 2022

This week’s LoL legendary skin sale includes some of the best cosmetics in the game and there are some that you should definitely not miss!

Every week, Riot Games put some skins up for sale and let players enjoy their favorite champions wearing their favorite outfits and more. Each week, 5 champions and 15 skins in League of Legends are put on sale, reaching over 50% discounts. Remember, except for Faker, the best LoL players mostly use skins! Here is this week’s sale.

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Normally, most of the League of Legends players fulfill their champion inventory by spending their Blue Essence. Champions can be bought by using Blue Essence, which is earned by basically playing the game and also completing quests. However, players have also been given the option of being able to buy a champion by spending Riot Points.

Aphelios is a very popular marksman, mainly popular among ADC players. Despite its “different” skill set, it is very fun to play once you figure it out. Jarvan IV used to be a flex pick for the top lane, jungle, and bot lane so it is very useful if you like to try different lanes of the game. Renekton on the other hand is also a flex pick that can be played both in the top lane and in the mid lane, just like Akali. Lastly, Twisted Fate is a vital mid lane hero with a very powerful ult design. All of these champions can be obtained by spending a very less amount of RP, only for this week.

Image Credits | Riot Games


There are so many skins to be picked this week. However, some of them are very cheap, compared to their prices before the discount. This week, Super Galaxy Kindred, Battle Boss Blitzcrank, and Warlord Shen are on a 60% discount, leading the sale. Apart from these three, some of the above are easily in the top 5 LoL skins list for sure. Super Galaxy Kindred, Warlord Shen, Dino Gnar, Eternum Rek’Sai, Blood Moon Elise, and Spirit Blossom Vayne are the top choices of professional players as you will see them pick these skins a lot in the official games.

Professional players do not spend RP for these skins, as Riot enables them in the tournament client. Some players are famous with specific champions and skins which makes the professional scene more entertaining. Moreover, you may even see them perform better with these skins, which can be game-changing for LoL betting.

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