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NA LCS Week 3 Preview – Team Power Rankings And Betting Tips

League of Legends betting NA LCS week 3
Week three of the NA LCS is upon us, and we’re here to get you caught up on the action and preview the upcoming matches.

Last split’s winner, Counter Logic Gaming, has struggled mightily in the first two weeks. Meanwhile, the resurgence of Team SoloMid and the emergence of Envy are the talk of the town. This week we’ll be doing an updated power ranking guide as well as providing all of our week three predictions to help you choose wisely if you decide to bet on the matches.

If you’re looking for the other side of the coin – our EU LCS rankings – they can be found here.

Power ranking guide

Here’s a quick overview of how our Power Rankings will be displayed. Our rankings will be in descending order. The number in parenthesis (next to the team’s current ranking) is how far the team has moved in either direction from our preseason rankings. Next up will be the team’s series record, in a Win-Loss format.

Lastly, we have the team’s overall record (this includes every game the team has played this split).

10 (0). Phoenix1 – series record: 0W-4L (1-8 overall)

We projected in the preseason that Phoenix1 would struggle, largely because the team only had one week to practice together and the pool of talent was already depleted. It’s no shock here that Phoenix1 has only won a single game through two weeks.

They’re the only team that has failed to win a series so far as well. It’s been a rough start, and they’ll need to turn it around quickly if they want avoid relegations.

Statistically, Phoenix1 ranks in the bottom three in all major categories. Objective control appears to be one of their biggest obstacles to overcome. The team has largely ignored dragon, only securing the first dragon kill in one of their nine games (11 percent first dragon rate is last by a large margin).

It doesn’t get much better from there. Phoenix1 has only taken 27 percent of dragons in their games, putting them in last place in that category as well. They need to improve their objective control if they want to be consistent performers.

9 (-3). Echo Fox – series record: 1W-3L (3-6 overall)

This isn’t where we expected Echo Fox to be. They took care of business in week one against Phoenix1 (who hasn’t?) but were unable to compete against Immortals. Losing to Immortals isn’t groundbreaking, but it was their week two performance that really concerned me.

Apparently Echo Fox was in the giving mood in week two, as both Team Liquid and NRG eSports picked up their first series win of the Summer Split against them. Those are two teams Echo Fox are expected to beat if they want to be playoff contenders. Not being able to win a single game against either of those opponents is alarming.

It doesn’t get any easier this week for Echo Fox. They’ll need to take care of business against either a desperate Counter Logic Gaming team or a surging Cloud 9 squad. The odds most certainly won’t be in their favor after what we saw through two weeks.

8 (+1). NRG eSports – series record: 1W-3L (4-6 overall)

NRG eSports was able to bounce back after an abysmal week one performance. They didn’t win the series against Immortals in their day one matchup, but they were competitive and took a game off of them (something they didn’t do last split).

They followed that up by sweeping Echo Fox for their first series win.

What should we expect from NRG eSports moving forward? They seem to have worked out some of their issues and played more as a five man unit last week. This looked like a team that was pissed off, and you need to play with that extra something to succeed in what will be a long Summer Split.

They’re not a top five League of Legends team by any means, but they could be a fringe playoff contender.

I like the work they put in between weeks one and two but they have a tough matchup against TSM in week three. They’ll also be playing a struggling Team Liquid team.

It’s still early in the split, but winning against TL would be huge.

7 (-4). Team Liquid – series record: 1W-3L (3-6 overall)

Now that the Dardoch situation seems to have been put to rest, here’s to hoping Team Liquid can regain that momentum we saw them capture last split.

It was clear in week one that Dardoch is the most crucial element to this team. Without him, they just don’t have the playmaking ability we’re use to seeing.

In week two, we saw glimmers of what TL can do at full strength. They dominated CLG in game one last week, but couldn’t find a way to win game two or three. Both were winnable games, but it feels like Fenix and Lourlo are just a step behind right now. Both are getting caught out of position at alarming rates.

If they can clean that up, this is still a really strong team. Sweeping Echo Fox will be a big boost to their confidence as well.

Week three will tell us a lot more about TL. They have two very winnable series against Phoenix1 and NRG eSports. I expect TL to finish as a playoff team, but for now this spot is deserving.

6 (-5). Counter Logic Gaming – series record: 1W-3L (3-7 overall)

There’s been rust. A lot of rust.

CLG has looked a bit slow through two weeks. Normally this is a team that’s extremely innovative in the meta; instead they’re struggling to adapt. Coming back against TL for their first series win was crucial, but losing to C9 the way they did tells me this is a team that has some work to do.

CLG being 1-3 after two weeks wouldn’t be as concerning if their play on the rift wasn’t just as shaky as their record. They were dominated by TSM and C9.

They lost to Apex gaming, a team which has been impressive but shouldn’t be beating a team like CLG. Their game three win against TL wasn’t due to great play, but to capitalizing on numerous mistakes by TL.

Is CLG experiencing that nasty b word – burnout? Or is this just a minor slump in what will be a grueling Summer Split? I expect CLG’s coaching staff to turn it around, and ultimately this will be a strong playoff team once again.

5 (+4). Apex – series record: 2W-2L (5-5 overall)

There was a lot of talk surrounding Apex following their 2-0 week one performance. Expectations came crashing back to earth last week though, as Apex struggled against Team EnVyUs and TSM.

Losing to the only two unbeaten teams left in the NA LCS shouldn’t damper their spirits too much. They’ll get to turn it around this week against a struggling Phoenix1 team before facing off against Cloud9 on day three.

The main issue I see with Apex is their resource distribution. Toplaner Jeon “Ray” Ji-won has been left on an island, suffering from endless ganks and roams from the enemy team. Lee “Shrimp” Byeong-hoon needs to secure some vision in that area.

4 (+1). Cloud9 – series record: 3W-1L (7-4 overall)

Even I’m slightly shocked at how well Cloud9 has come together. Swapping their support players has actually been quite riveting. Michael “Bunny Fu Fuu” Kurylo and Andy “Smoothie” Ta have such differing styles that it allows C9 to play different compositions based on who is in the starting lineup.

It’s forced their opponents to prepare for both styles, which has helped C9 run out to a quick start, despite starting essentially four new players.

Bunny Fu Fuu has been the pick master this split. His Bard and Thresh plays have been on point, allowing C9 to play an aggressive, poke style composition. Meanwhile, Smoothie prefers reactionary supports, such as Nami. This allows C9 to build more of a team oriented composition, relying on Smothie’s engage/disengage to start fights. Both styles have been successful.

I really like Cloud9 this split. Sneaky and Jensen are still top five at their position. Impact in the top lane has been a giant improvement over Balls from last split. I also can’t say enough about Meteos’ return. He has the highest KDA among Junglers at 9.7. Racking up 101 assists through two weeks as a jungler means this man is living in the lanes. Expect big things from C9 moving forward if they keep playing with this edge.

3 (-1). Immortals – series record: 3W-1L (7-4 overall)

This isn’t the same dominating team we saw last split. They struggled in their win against NRG last week before losing to TSM. Individually, I feel this is the most talented team still in North America. Bringing all those components together and acting as one cohesive unit hasn’t been as crisp as we saw last split.

Immortals have dropped at least one game in every series so far this split. That’s after losing just one game the entire Spring Split. There’s no questioning that the talent gap in NA has come closer to the means. I feel Immortal’s strategy development in their Spring Split was a strength that was largely underappreciated.

That strength hasn’t been as pronounced this split. This is still a team that has all of the components to be a top contender in not only the NA, but when Worlds starts later this year.

2 (+6). Team Envy – series record: 4W-0L (8-2 overall)

Team Envy’s performance through four weeks has been great, and they’re well deserving of this spot. If you feel there’s a ‘but’ coming, it’s because there is. Team Envy has beaten the likes of NRG, TL, Apex, and Phoenix1. We’d call that less than stellar competition.

Regardless, they’ve done everything they could to run out to a 4-0 start, and you can’t criticize them too much for who they play.

I don’t anticipate Team Envy staying in this spot. In fact, I think Envy will drop a few spots after this week. Playing back to back series against Immortals and CLG will tell us how good this team really is.

1 (+3). Team SoloMid – series record: 4W-0L (8-1 overall)

After taking care of business last week against Immortals, our preseason number one team, TSM is unquestionably the top team in NA right now. They’ve only dropped one game through four series, displaying the dominance we expected to see last split.

Doublelift, with rookie Biofrost supporting him, has reemerged as a top-tier ADC. Even more impressive has been the early play of Svenskeren. I feel his improvement from last split is the main reason TSM has been so dominating in the early going.

TSM has been more proactive this split, something the team struggled to do with Yellowstar supporting. Yellowstar is still an amazing support (as his return to Fnatic has showcased), his style just didn’t fit into what TSM really wants to do. This is no blip on the radar, TSM is for real this split.

Week 3/Day 1 betting predictions

Team SoloMid (1.33) vs. Cloud9 (3.37)

Well then, let’s just jump right into our Series of the Week in the North American LCS. It’s always exciting when these two familiar foes get together, especially when both teams are currently performing at high levels.

It’s going to be great to watch, but more importantly, who is going to win? If you’re planning to head to an esports betting site, it could be you.

Statistically both teams are neck and neck through two weeks. In terms of gold difference after 15 minutes, TSM ranks first (+1,665) with Cloud9 right behind them at +1,368. TSM and C9 are also ranked first and second in time spent with a gold lead (38.3 percent and 36.4 percent, respectively).

There is one slight lead that TSM has over C9, and that’s with dragon takedowns. This is where TSM’s jungler, Svenskeren, has been huge. TSM has taken dragon first in 8 of their 9 games, as well as securing an astounding 80 percent of dragons in there games. That’s nearly 15 percent more than C9.

That gives TSM a slight advantage in this series.

Prediction: TSM 2-1

Team Liquid (1.14) vs. Phoenix1 (5.74)

We saw a different Team Liquid last week, one that was more in command of their game. Unfortunately for Phoenix1, we didn’t see a different team last week.

Phoenix1 has the talent level to be competitive in this series. They lack the experience and leadership that comes with playing a full split, however. It’s possible they take a game off of TL, but I don’t see them winning two.

Prediction: Team Liquid 2-0

Week 3/Day 2 betting predictions

Immortals (1.36) vs. Team Envy (3.22)

This is a big week for Envy. If they want to be considered legit contenders, winning against Immortals would make a huge statement. They have some momentum, but is it enough?

Both teams are in the top four in gold difference at 15 minutes and time spent with a gold lead. However, it’s worth noting that Immortals has played stiffer competition while racking up these stats.

One area that Immortals has continued to be great at from last split is vision control. They currently rank first in WPM (Wards Per Minute) at 3.6. Envy is tied for second to last at WPM (3.1). Essentially Immortals places an extra ward every two minutes. That advantage will be the difference.

Prediction: Immortals 2-1

Counter Logic Gaming (1.36) vs. Echo Fox (3.22)

This is the week CLG gets back on track. Echo Fox will come out swinging, but there are deeper issues here. It starts with the pick and ban phrase. Echo Fox has been outdrafted in every series, an area that CLG typically thrives in.

Beyond the pick and ban phase, Echo Fox has struggled in the early parts of games. They rank second to last in gold difference at 15 minutes (-1,215), an area that CLG has been decent in (-31). These two areas will be Echo Fox’s downfall once again.

Prediction: Counter Logic Gaming 2-1

Team Liquid (1.66) vs. NRG eSports (2.25)

This is another match that both teams desperately want to win. Both teams showed some fight in week two after a rough week one, and they don’t want to slip back. Statistically, both teams are also very close through two weeks.

Individual matchups will be key in this series. NRG’s ADC, Oh “ohq” Gyu-min, has been solid so far with veteran Kiwikid supporting him. Statistics point to NRG having an advantage in the botlane.

Santorin has been a revelation through two weeks, posting an 82 percent KP (Kill Participation). I don’t think he can keep that pace up, though. Dardoch will put plenty of pressure on him as well. I look for Dardoch, of all people, to help carry TL to a series win.

Prediction: Team Liquid 2-1

Apex (1.18) vs. Phoenix1 (4.96)

Apex has so far looked like a fringe playoff contender. Phoenix1 has looked like a team trying to avoid relegations. Take Apex here with confidence.

Prediction: Apex 2-0

Week 3/Day 3 predictions

Team SoloMid (1.15) vs. NRG eSports (5.53)

This is another easy call. TSM is the best team in NA right now, and you don’t need statistics to back that up. Just watch them play. NRG has struggled against lesser competition.

Let’s not overcomplicate things.

Prediction: Team SoloMid 2-0

Cloud9 (1.43) vs. Apex (2.87)

This will be a true litmus test for both teams. Cloud9 has been great so far, and their dynamic team composition will be an obstacle Apex hasn’t seen yet. Can Apex reach another level?

Dragon control is an issue that Apex has to overcome. Cloud9 currently takes 66 percent of their game’s dragons (third highest in the NA LCS). Meanwhile, Apex is third to last with 38 percent of dragon’s taken. Apex can take a game off of Cloud9, but I don’t see them winning this series.

Prediction: Cloud9 2-1

Immortals (1.13) vs. Echo Fox (6.25)

We’ve talked about Echo Fox’s struggles in the pick and ban phase, as well as their early game issues. The team has lacked good coordination in teamfights as well as being caught out of position numerous times.

Immortals is just a much better team right now. Until Echo Fox can solve their numerous issues, it’s hard to pick them in an upset.

Prediction: Immortals 2-0

Team Envy (1.85) vs.Counter Logic Gaming (1.97)

We start the week with a great matchup, and end the week with one as well. Team Envy is 4-0 this split, but they haven’t played the caliber of team that CLG is. If CLG can find some of that old mojo from last split, they have a great chance of pulling off the upset.

Both teams are close in dragon control, ranking in the top four. Both teams have found marginal success in the first 15 minutes. CLG needs this win, though. I think their desperation will allow them to pull off the upset. Expect a big performance from Darshan.

Prediction: Counter Logic Gaming 2-1

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