Bwipo Domestic Career


Bwipo began his League of Legends career as a top laner for mCon esports. His stay on the team was incredibly brief, though, and he later took another shot at breaking into the pro scene on Enigma Esports Benelux. Once again, though, his efforts didn’t bear any fruit, and it wasn’t until he joined Dark Passage that Bwipo had his first notable showings.


On Dark Passage, Bwipo played in the 2017 TCL Winter Split. His team struggled for the entirety of the season, and its 2-6-6 (wins-ties-losses) record amounted to a seventh-place finish, which wasn’t sufficient to qualify for the playoffs.

After such a disappointing showing, Bwipo parted ways with the Turkish lineup. He spent several months as a free agent before joining RoX in the 2017 LCL Summer Split. But a new team didn’t bring him any luck, and Bwipo once again found himself at the very bottom of the standings. This time, RoX’s 5-9 run was bad enough that they had to defend their slot in the promotion tournament. They were challenged by Elements Pro Gaming, but in the end, RoX came up with a 3-1 victory and requalified for the LCL.


In the off-season, Bwipo left RoX to become a substitute player for Fnatic. At first, it seemed like he wouldn’t get any opportunities to start, as Fnatic already had a veteran top laner in sOAZ. However, the organization decided to give Bwipo some play time towards the end of the season.

Bwipo’s shining moment came when sOAZ suffered an arm injury right before the playoffs, so the Belgian top laner played for Fnatic in the semifinals against Team Vitality. He performed well enough to not hinder his superstar teammates, and Fnatic scored a 3-1 victory. History repeated itself in the finals where Bwipo helped Fnatic find a 3-0 win over G2 Esports. With that, he qualified for the 2018 MSI.

In the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split, the AD carry balance changes prompted Rekkles to voluntarily step away from the starting position, and Bwipo became a part of the main roster along with sOAZ.

Bwipo International Tournaments


On Dark Passage, Bwipo attended his first international tournaments, IEM Season 11 Gyeonggi. Unfortunately, Dark Passage fell to Kongdoo Monster, which knocked them down to the loser’s bracket. There, they were eliminated after a 2-0 loss to Team Liquid.


On Fnatic, Bwipo took part in the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational. Since sOAZ just recovered from his arm injury, Fnatic decided to promote Bwipo to the starting position. They had a very rocky showing in the group stage, and their 4-6 record was barely enough to advance to the playoffs. This was the end of the line for them, though, as Fnatic suffered a 3-0 semifinals loss at the hand of Royal Never Give Up.