Xu ‘Moogy’ Han is the current carry player for Newbee. He was previously known as ‘uuu9’.


Early Career

‘Moogy’s career began in late 2013 when he joined TongFu.WanZhou, TongFu’s secondary squad. This team mostly participated in qualifiers and smaller events and generally didn’t perform very well. Despite this, they attended some major events such as 2013 WPC ACE Dota 2 League and the National Electronic Sports Tournament 2014 almost a year apart. At these events, the team placed joint last and 3rd/4th respectively. Tongfu.WanZhou then participated in the Dota 2 Asia Championships Qualifiers and earned an invite to the main event after winning the tournament. There, the team disappointingly placed joint last which led to major internal changes within the structure of the TongFu teams.


‘Moogy’ joined the primary Tongfu team in March of 2015. Within the next few months, the team’s results failed to improve which led to several significant roster changes. ‘Moogy’ previous team ceased to exist as the two were merged into one in June. By this time, they had failed The International 2015 qualifiers however. TongFu’s results continued to be quite poor for the rest of 2016. They managed to win G-League but ultimately once again failed to qualify for The International. ‘Moogy’ departed the team in the roster shuffles that followed The International and he was picked up by Newbee.


With the addition of ‘Moogy’, Newbee was immediately successful. They came 2nd at their debut tournament, Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn and proceeded to place highly at almost every event that participated in. Despite their great performances at Chinese events, they struggled at international events and placed joint last at both The Boston Major 2016 and The Kiev Major 2017. However, in the months that followed The Kiev Major, the team’s results drastically improved. So much so, that at The International 2017 Newbee made it to the grand finals and placed 2nd.

After The International, Newbee participated in ESL One Hamburg 2017 and placed 3rd/4th. In the beginning of 2018, they won ESL One Genting and came 3rd/4th at The Bucharest Major.

International tournaments

‘Moogy’s first major international tournament was Dota2 Professional League Season 2 – Top. Since then he has placed 2nd at The International 2017 which was the first International which he attended past the qualifiers. He has also helped Newbee win ESL One Genting and Perfect World Masters.