RLCS Winners List: All of the RLCS World Championship Winners

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Published: May 30, 2024 - Last Updated: May 31, 2024

This RLCS winners list proves one thing for sure – history is written by the victors. Considering that nobody remembers second place and that Rocket League offers a rich heritage spanning back almost 10 years, we thought we’d review previous RLCS World Championship Winner teams.

List of Past RLCS Winners

With winners as recent as 2023, this list is definitely worth reading if you wish to bet on Rocket League.

YearRLCS Winners List
2023Team Vitality (EU)
2022Team BDS (EU)
Season 8NRG Esports (NA)
Season 7Renault Vitality (EU)
Season 6Cloud9 (NA)
Season 5Team Dignitas (EU)
Season 4Gale Force eSports (EU)
Season 3Northern Gaming (EU)
Season 2FlipSid3 Tactics (EU)
Season 1iBUYPOWER (NA)

RLCS World Championship Winners (2011 – Present)

We’re now diving into each year with an RLCS winners list of players for each roster and anything curious about each win.

Season 1 – iBUYPOWER

Fighting for a small, yet mighty $55,000 prize pool, Season 1 crowned the first ever RLCS Winners of the RLCS World Championship.

Known as the Season 1 Finals back then, this first event offered an incredible story. Specifically, iBUYPOWER, the third seed of four from North America, who were making roster changes one month ahead of the month, would stun the world.

In their run, they managed to take down favourites FlipSid3 Tactics in the Grand Final and write themselves into the history of RLCS World Championship winners lists. Immediately after the event, the entire roster was bought by G2 Esports.

Season 2 – FlipSid3 Tactics

RLCS Winners
Image Credits: Red Bull

Speaking of FlipSid3 Tactics, they’d exact their revenge one year later. With no surprises, the number one seed from FlipSid3 Tactics started strong, but suffered an early loss to Mock-It eSports EU in the Upper Bracket.

Despite this, they would regain their composure in the Lower Bracket, winning every game until their rematch with Mock-It eSports EU in the Grand Final. Here, they became RLCS Winners. 

Leaving their mark as one of the most long-standing organizations in Rocket League, FlipSid3 Tactics no longer fields a roster.

Season 3 – Northern Gaming – RLCS Winners List

The Season 3 Finals arguably presented the craziest story of the RLCS Winners All Seasons list.

After a bumpy season, Northern Gaming squeezed into the Season 3 Finals as the fourth seed from Europe. Yet, prior to the event, things looked grim as one of their players, Nicolai “Maestro” Bang couldn’t compete.

Scrambling for a replacement, they managed to put pen to paper for a legendary stand-in player – Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver.

Following an early loss, they destroyed the competition, fighting to the end in a tight Grand Final against Mock-It eSports EU to rise to the status of RLCS World Championship Winner.

Season 4 – Gale Force eSports

RLCS Winners
Image Credits: Rocket League YouTube

With Rocket League evolving and Rocket League tournaments changing, Gale Force eSports demonstrated what it meant to be dominant. Celebrating the incredible individual skill of Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver, he became first player to be a RLCS World Championship Winner twice and also back-to-back.

This season marked the last season where Twitch and other event organizers handled the RLCS as opposed to Psyonix.

Season 5 – Team Dignitas

New team name but the same unrelenting dominance. Yes, the trio from Gale Force eSports stuck together all season long, signing to Dignitas right before the main event.

The main narrative for this RLCS World Championship Winner is Dignitas denying NRG Esports their first win. Specifically, in the Upper Bracket semifinals NRG Esports took them down. However, when rematched in the Grand Final, the former Gale Force eSports simply rose to reclaim the throne as RLCS winners. Without a question, this trio was one of the best Rocket League teams.

Season 6 – Cloud9 – RLCS Winners

RLCS Winners
Image Credits: Psyonix

After four seasons straight of crowning European champions, the community was wondering whether any more RLCS winners would hail from North America.

Cloud9 answered this question with one of the most impressive runs to become an RLCS World Championship Winner. Starting in the very first round of the Lower Bracket, they tore apart the competition.

Most notably, in the Grand Final, they denied Dignitas’ legendary roster another victory, marking the title for NA.

Season 7 – Renault Vitality

With the introduction of coaches, the RLCS Winners List Players now also includes these essential supporting staff members.

Competing through a new Group Stage and Playoffs format, Renault Vitality suffered a slow start. However, once in the Playoffs winning looked like a breeze for this elite team.

Season 8 – NRG Esports

RLCS Winners
Image Credits: NRG

For the longest time, NRG Esports were falling short of joining the RLCS Winners list.

Their solution? Signing the legendary “Turbopolsa” alongside some upcoming talent and after a year of dominating North America, bring the action.

Dominating the entire tournament, their Grand Final against Renault Vitality is one of the most memorable finals ever.

2022 – Team BDS – All RLCS Winners

Following two years of cancellations, the RLCS World Championship 2021-22 revived the community in a huge way.

Paired with this excitement and a whopping 24 teams was the curious trio behind Team BDS. Sneaking into the Quarterfinals as the second seed from Europe, they handedly took down FURIA and G2 to earn their spot as RLCS Winners.

2023 – Team Vitality

RLCS Winners
Image Credits: Team Vitality

Fresh in our minds, Team Vitality rose to victory after a promising year of competing in RLCS Europe with a new roster.

Not losing more than 2 rounds against all opponents, it was a relatively smooth cruise into the history books as another RLCS World Championship Winner. Notably, their 4-0 Grand Final was perhaps the most dominant ever of all RLCS Winners.


Which player has won the most RLCS?

Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver with three titles across three organizations – NRG Esports, Gale Force eSports and Team Dignitas.

Which region has the most RLCS Winners?

Teams from Europe have won the tournament 7 times, while North American teams have won it 4 times. No other regions have any wins.
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