LCS Summer Split Betting Guide 2022 | Format, Favourites vs. Underdogs, Betting Markets & More

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Published: Jun 15, 2022 - Last Updated: Mar 5, 2024

With the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) finally over, it’s time we take a look at the LCS Summer Split 2022! The North American League of Legends landscape has changed with the departure of iconic players and the addition of foreign talent to the top LCS teams. From the LCS Summer Schedule 2022 to the Format, to a quick analysis of the teams participating, you can find all the info you need to learn everything about the North American League and optimize your LCS Summer Split Betting! Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

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The LCS Summer Split 2022 is the second split of the tenth year of North America’s professional League of Legends league. It is one of the major LoL tournaments known worldwide, featuring the top 10 squads from NA, including 100 Thieves, Cloud9, CLG, Dignitas, Evil Geniuses, FlyQuest, Golden Guardians, Immortals, Team Liquid, and TSM.

Evil Geniuses are the current reigning champions, following their victory in the LCS Spring Playoffs Finals. They made their way through the losers’ bracket and beat the record for the fastest finals in LCS history so far.

The Summer Split will decide which teams will qualify for the LCS Championship, with the top 8 teams playing to determine the three best performing teams that will represent North America at the biggest tournament of the season.

LCS Summer Split 2022 Betting Guide

Image Credit: LoL Esports


At the start of the event, competing teams will battle through a double round-robin structure. Ten teams will have to play a total of 18 matches in a best of 1 format.

When the regular split comes to an end, the top 8 teams will qualify for the LCS Championship. The seeding will be based on the standings, meaning that teams will have to be consistent from the very beginning.

In the Championship, the LCS will use a double-elimination bracket, with all matches being best of 5. The number 1 and 2 seeds will go directly to the 2nd round of the winners’ bracket while the 3rd to 6th seeds will play in the first round of winners’. The last two seeds, instead, will have to play through losers’, meaning that they will only have one chance to stay alive. At the end of the tournament, the top 3 teams will qualify for the 2022 World Championship. (the participants of the LCS summer finals will go to the Main Event, while 3rd place will have to go through the play-ins stage)

LCS Summer Split Schedule 2022

The LCS summer split 2022 started on June 18th, with the end date being August 14th.

There haven’t been confirmations regarding the LCS Championship, but it should start soon after the end of the split, around the last 10 days of August, and finish in the first few days of September.

Participating Teams: Favourites vs. Underdogs


The LCS has seen the rise of new organizations that are willing to spend money and create strong rosters to battle with the usual top teams. In recent history, 100 Thieves and Evil Geniuses have been the two teams to upset the legacy of the more notorious Team Liquid and Cloud9.

For this upcoming split, the main teams that are favored to win the LEC Championship are still Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, and Team Liquid. These three teams were the top 3 in the LEC Spring and the sentiment is that they will keep dominating the summer split for the time being. Despite having a drop in performance towards the end of the spring split, Cloud9 is the one to look out for since they have brought in a new member in the mid lane, Jensen. They might have a slower start, but if things go well, Cloud9 will be the favorites to win the LCS Summer. Keep an eye out for them when making your LCS Summer Split Betting.

If you want to know which teams will likely make it to the LCS summer finals, check out our LCS Power Rankings! It will feature all the details for every individual team and the potential expectations for this summer split.


With the league being very top-heavy, finding the LCS underdogs is quite a hard task. By looking at the rosters, TSM and Dignitas will be the two teams that can create upsets. TSM comes from one of the most disappointing splits in its history and will do everything to bounce back, especially now with Maple in the mid-lane. On the other hand, Dignitas had quite a strong start in Spring, but fell short right at the very end, finishing 7th. Now with the returning Korean top laner Gamsu, the team is wishing to earn their way to Playoffs.

Their recent performances will raise some question marks, which will surely increase their LoL odds, making these two teams extremely interesting in the first few weeks of the split. Their possible returns will be higher than usual, and there will be many opportunities to exploit those. With that being said, those two teams will make your LCS summer split betting riskier in certain situations.

LCS Summer Split Bets Cobra Casino Offer

How to Bet on LCS Summer 2022

Cobra Casino esports has emerged as a fully-fledged bookmaker for punters who enjoy betting on video games. League of Legends enthusiasts can consider themselves lucky, as this MOBA game enjoys the undivided attention of the gambling operator. You can bet on the most popular in-game events on any LCS Summer Split match, with even more options once the playoffs begin.

Betting on LCS Summer Split at Cobra Casino

Cobra Casino is one of the places where you can bet on esports with crypto and capitalize on higher-than-average odds. For LCS Summer Split matches, you can wager before the game has started or after the match is underway. It is not possible to combine several bets from the same match, but then again, this isn’t an option at any bookmaker covering esports.

Cobra Casino publishes the odds well in advance, so if you want to take advantage of the top value on favorites, you can wager a few days in advance. LCS Summer Split games are scheduled over the weekend so whether you are betting with bitcoin or prefer esports betting with Neteller, you can bet on the next round starting on Monday.

LCS Summer Split BettingLCS Summer Betting Section at Cobra Casino ➦

Live Betting

Live betting is possible on the platform and you can also combine pregame events with in-play wagers. There is no live streaming service as of yet, but we expect it to be added in the foreseeable future. On the bright side, the LCS Summer Split is broadcasted on YouTube and Twitch so punters can watch streams for free. The live betting module is responsive and works without delays on computers and mobile.

Competitive Odds

Whether you prefer pregame or in-play betting, you are entitled to expect competitive odds at Cobra Casino for underdog betting, we advise you to wait until the game is about to start to enjoy the best odds available. Conversely, if you plan on backing the favorite, place your bets several days in advance, ideally right after the previous round. That’s because people tend to bet massively on the stronger teams and this leads to significant shrinkage of these odds.

LoL Betting Markets

When considering League of Legends betting markets, there are two types of bets that you can make: pre-match and in-play.

Pre-Match: Simple and Straight-Forward

The first one, which is the most straightforward one as well, is the pre-match bets. As the name suggests, you can make your calls before the match starts, with the possibility of earning higher returns depending on the odds.

The easiest pre-match bets are related to the winner of the individual matches: with the current LCS Summer Split format, you can make bets on 5 different matches per week.

During playoffs, on the other hand, the format will change to Bo5s, with the possibility of not only predicting the individual games (which are commonly known as maps) but also the match score, with much higher returns.

Make sure to compare all the odds and find the best strategy and combination possible.

LCS Summer Betting at Cobra CasinoGo to Cobra Casino Now ➦

In-Play: More Advanced Knowledge Required

The other types of markets for League of Legends betting are in-play bets. These generally require a strong knowledge of the game and good analytical skills.

LoL is constantly updated with patches and updates (which usually are released every 2 weeks) and the changes done to certain champions may shift not only the champions played, but also the way teams work towards victory. Every team will also bring in their own identity, based on the players’ unique characteristics, making the in-play bets more challenging to predict, but offering very high returns.

In-play bets can be made within the same match, with the goal of predicting certain game states or events that might happen. All of these bets give an enormous amount of odds and chances to make great gains with one single match, making the LCS summer split betting more fun and dynamic. A typical strategy would be to look at the teams’ past performance and bet on multiple in-plays, depending on how the drafts are made in the champion selection and the two teams’ strengths.

Special Betting Markets

First In-Game Objectives

Cobra Casino has a special section dedicated to the first team to complete an in-game objective. You can bet on the team to score the first blood, which is an early game goal with limited long-term value. There is a higher degree of randomness in this market, with chance playing a larger role than for other similar objectives. A lot depends on the draft, with early-game lineups being more likely to succeed. For this market, it is worth taking a leap of faith with the underdogs, to capitalize on bigger odds.

First Baron and First Inhibitor are late-game objectives that you can bet on and a heavily favored the stronger team. The odds are aligned with the ones offered for outright victory, especially in the first inhibitor. Baron steals are not uncommon but since this objective comes into play after 20 minutes, the better team is usually ahead at that point.

LCS Summer Betting First in Game objectivesFirst In-Game Objectives at Cobra Casino – Go Now ➦

Map Totals: Kills and Towers

Another fascinating market for experienced punters is the total kills scored in a match and the number of towers destroyed. Cobra Casino enables you to bet on the combined number of kills recorded in an LCS Summer Split match, as well as the individual team performance. This is a good opportunity to take advantage of matches between highly aggressive teams, where high game and team totals are possible.

The bookmaker is yet to add a market for the first tower, but it allows punters to bet on the total number of towers destroyed in a match. The smart way to handle this market is to bet on a higher number of structures destroyed when late-game teams square off. The longer the game duration, the more likely it is for both teams to destroy towers, with the average line being set at 12.5 structures.

Handicaps and Map Duration

LCS Summer Split matches are played in a Bo1 format, so you can’t wager on the exact score of a series. CobraCasino offers this betting opportunity for playoff matches, but during the regular season, the betting options are drastically limited. One way to take advantage of lopsided matches involving strong favorites and weak underdogs is to bet on the spread.

Handicap betting is a distinct possibility on the platform, with punters given alternative line values for LCS Summer Split games. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have bets on the sheer game duration, which mitigate the risks of low-scoring games. When evenly matched teams compete, there is a high likelihood for long games but no guarantee of many kills. This is where the map duration bets shine!

LCS Summer Split Betting: Final Tip

LCS teams are known for not having optimal macro knowledge, which usually leads to longer game durations. This means that top teams when facing weaker teams, can usually create gold leads and force enemies into tricky situations. If that does not happen, then game times start stretching a lot. It’s something common in the LCS, so make sure to keep an eye on that. Cobra Casino has an incredible variety of betting markets so you can take advantage here of the longer game duration to place winning bets on special in-game objectives.

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