LEC Summer Split Betting Guide 2022 | Which Team is Favoured to Win?

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Published: Jul 4, 2022 - Last Updated: Mar 5, 2024

With the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) finally over, it’s time to take a look at the LEC Summer Split 2022! The most important European League of Legends championship is underway, with top teams undergoing meaningful changes. This brings unique betting opportunities for punters and we are happy to provide the insights that will increase the odds of winning. From the LEC Summer Schedule 2022 to the Format, to a quick analysis of the teams participating, you can find all the info you need to learn everything about the European League and optimize your LEC summer split betting! Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

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The LEC Summer Split 2022 is the second split of the fourth year of Europe’s rebranded professional League of Legends league. It is one of the major LoL tournaments known worldwide, featuring the top 10 squads from Europe, including Astralis, Excel, Fnatic, G2 Esports, MAD Lions, Misfits Gaming, Rogue, SK Gaming, Team BDS, and Team Vitality.

G2 are the current reigning champions, after sweeping Rogue in the grand finals of the Spring Playoffs and achieving a 12-0 record in the losers’ bracket.

The Summer Split will decide which teams will qualify for the League of Legends World Championship, making it extremely important for the participants. Only the three best-performing teams will represent Europe at the biggest tournament of the season.

LEC Summer Split Betting Guide
Image Credits: Lol Esports

LEC Summer Split Format

When the LEC Summer Split 2022 kicks off, teams will be fighting each other through a double round-robin structure. This means that all ten teams will play a total of 18 matches, with a best of 1 format.

Following the end of the regular split, the top 6 teams will qualify for the LEC Summer Playoffs. The seeding will be based on the championship points the teams have earned throughout the year. It is worth mentioning that if a team finishes in 7th-10th in summer they lose all of their points.

In the playoffs, the LEC will use a double-elimination bracket similar to spring, with all matches being best of 5. The 5th and 6th seeds will start from the losers’ bracket, while the top 4 will play in winners’. At the end of the Playoffs, the top 3 teams will qualify for the 2022 World Championship.

Schedule for 2022

The LEC summer 2022 started on June 17th and while there hasn’t been a confirmed end date, it is set to end in the first days of August.

Playoffs start towards mid-August and finish just before September.

Participating Teams


The LEC has always had a few top-tier teams that never fail expectations, and even if they do, they rarely end up out of the top 6. For this summer split, the main teams that are favored to win the LEC Championship are G2, Fnatic, and Rogue. These three teams were the top 3 in the LEC Spring and the sentiment is that they will keep dominating the summer split for the time being.

If you want to know how all the LEC teams’ levels compared to each other, make sure to check out our LEC Power Rankings! It will have all the details for each individual team, as well as the potential expectations for this summer split.


Since the LEC is quite top-heavy and there has often been a big gap between the top and the bottom tier teams, finding the LEC underdogs is quite a hard task. By looking at the rosters, Team Vitality and MAD Lions are looking like the two that can create upsets. Both teams have come from quite a disappointing Spring Split and both of them want to bounce back and take their spot at Worlds.

Their recent history and doubts regarding the teams’ performance will surely increase their LoL odds, making these two teams extremely interesting in the first few weeks of the split. Their possible returns will be higher than usual, and there will be many opportunities to exploit those. Nevertheless, Team Vitality and MAD Lions still have a lot to prove: LEC summer split betting will be riskier in certain situations.

How to Bet on LEC Summer 2022

Midnite esports covers all the important League of Legends regional championships and the LCS summer 2022 is at the cornerstone of their portfolio. Whether you are a casual punter or a veteran player with LoL hands-on experience, you will have ample opportunities to place winning bets.

Betting on the LEC Summer Split at Midnite

Compared to most UK esports betting sites that will only focus on the main markets, Midnite also allows punters to bet on specific in-game events. These are only available pre-game, so once the game has started you can only bet on the team to win the match. There are currently no esportsbooks allowing punters to bet live on special markets, as the odds can’t be adjusted quickly enough not to give punters a clear edge.

LEC Summer Split Betting at Midnite

One of the main strengths of Midnite is the in-play betting section where you can bet on the outcome of the match as it unfolds. Live streaming is missing, which is something the gambling operator needs to consider adding in the foreseeable future. On the bright side, the odds are refreshed quickly and they are never locked for more than a few seconds, so you can take advantage of shifting momentum.

For live streams, punters are advised to visit dedicated platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube. These broadcast every round of the LEC Summer Split, as well as the other regional leagues and playoff matches. We are counting on Midnite to become the latest Skrill esports betting site to add live streams to its platform, but for the time being we are happy with their in-play wagering options

Competitive Odds

A bookmaker is only as good as its odds, as these determine the long-term success of punters, regardless of the sport of choice. Midnite is one of the esports betting with PayPal options where you get odds that exceed the industry average and allow you to maximize the return on investment in the long run. These are expressed in decimal format by default, with punters having the option to switch to American or fractional.

For accumulators, the odds are automatically calculated for the entire betting slip, so punters know at a glance how much can be won in the combined bet is successful.

Summer Split Betting Markets


In the League of Legends betting, pre-match is one of the most simple bets. You can make your predictions on each individual match and go for the team you think will win. The best-of-one format makes the pre-match fairly common since you’ll be able to bet on 5 different matches every week.

Once playoffs come around and the games will become Bo5s, you will also be able to predict the correct match score (also known as map score) and which map one team or the other will win. The term “map” is used to depict the games that happen in Summoner’s Rift, and “Map 1” will always be the first game that occurs in a match between two teams. This gives you even greater chances to make additional returns with the same match.

LEC Summer Split


In-play bets generally require a higher understanding of the game and knowledge of the participants. League of Legends is always evolving with patches and updates, forcing teams to adapt their identity and playstyle throughout the split. Ultimately, this makes the game very challenging and harder to predict but there are always fundamentals behind the analysis that don’t tend to change much. With in-play bets, you can look for betting opportunities within the same match, predicting specific events or conditions that will be reached. 

Special Betting Markets

Midnite has nearly a dozen special betting markets for the LEC Summer Split that punters can take advantage of to extract maximum value from the top odds offered:


this is the most comprehensive selection of special betting markets as you get to bet on the first blood, the race is to 5, 10, 15 and 20 kills as well as game totals. The first blood is the riskiest of them all and that’s why the difference between favorites and underdogs is low, in terms of odds. Aggressive jungle champions play an important role, as they are the initiators of ganks in the early stages of the game.

Some teams play the early game better, so they are more likely to hit important milestones such as the first 5 or 10 kills. When you bet on the total number of kills scored in a match, you need to consider how aggressive contenders are and how good the team-play. Early match skirmishes, with solid late-game team finds will lead to a higher number of kills, even when top teams face the week as underdogs.


Midnite has two distinct betting options in regards to these in-game objectives. You can bet on the total number of dragons killed in the match, with the line being set at 4.5 or both teams to slay a Dragon. The longer the game goes, the more likely it is for the 4.5 threshold to be crossed and the best part is that even the Elder Dragon counts.


Betting on the total number of towers destroyed is a possibility at this esports book. You can bet on more or fewer than 12.5 towers, with long games and matches between balanced teams usually resulting in a higher number of structures destroyed. The alternative is to bet on the team to destroy the first tower, where junglers with a high Herald kill percentage making a strong contribution.


LEC Summer Split Barons at Midnite

These neutral monsters spawn at minute 20 and at that point one team is usually ahead. You can bet on the first team to kill the Baron and expect odds that are slightly better than the outright victory. The alternative is to bet on more than one Baron kills, something that only happens in longer games involving equally matched contenders. The best odds are offered on both teams to slay a baron market.


Before teams can destroy the Nexus they must kill at least one inhibitor. Midnite Esports allows you to bet on the first team to accomplish this goal, as well as the total number of inhibitors destroyed. The odds for the first structure to go down are only slightly higher than outright victory. You can also bet on both teams to destroy an inhibitor at odds that frequently exceed 7.00.

All of these bets give an enormous amount of odds and chances to make great gains with one single match, making the LEC summer split betting more fun and dynamic. A typical strategy would be to bet on multiple in-plays, depending on what the meta is like, how the drafts should be working, and the two teams’ strengths.

LEC Summer Split Betting: Where to Start

While LoL betting is relatively easy to pick up, there are many bookmakers on the market right now, and finding the best one for you can be time-consuming. If you’re not ready to start now, there’s plenty of time to learn more about League of Legends betting before the LEC Summer 2022 start date. If you don’t know which bookmaker to go for, Midnite is a great platform for beginners, with straightforward markets and a very user-friendly interface. Their esports section has been up for many years already, offering a far greater selection of betting markets on esports than most of its competition!

Midnite is all about high odds, and incredible market diversity and their live betting offer turn every LEC match into a great betting opportunity!

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