VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship Betting Guide – Schedule, Teams, Odds & More

Posted on November 1, 2022

Between the 15th and the 20th of November, one of the final VALORANT tournaments of the year will take place. It’s the first-ever VALORANT Game Changers Championship, a ground-breaking esports event created to showcase the talents of women and marginalised genders. This is a highly anticipated event, and it’s yet another opportunity to participate in some VALORANT betting. To that end, we’ve created a catch-all VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship betting guide to help you with your wagers.

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There are remarkably few esports platforms that promote the representation of female competitors, which is why this tournament is so exciting. This event brings together eight teams from around the world, all fighting for their share of the €50,000 prize pool that will be up for grabs. We’re still a few months away from the start of the VCT 2023 season, so tournaments like this fill that gap quite nicely.

Without further hesitation, let’s break into the VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship betting guide and get you excited for this event.

VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship Schedule and Format

VCT 2022 Game Changers Championship betting guide
Image Credit: Riot Games

For those taking part in a little VALORANT betting, nothing is more important than knowing when an event is being played. As this is a relatively short tournament, the VCT 2022 Game Changers event is very accessible, particularly to fans new to the game or to esports betting. It’ll unfold over a period of just five days, with teams travelling to compete at the LEC Studio in the heart of Berlin, Germany.

From the 15th to the 20th of November, eight teams will do battle against one another in what should be a memorable, iconic event. There are countless VALORANT tournaments held every year, but this really is a special, landmark competition. Here’s the (admittedly short) breakdown of the tournament:

Double-Elimination Bracket (all matches best-of-three, Grand Final is best-of-five)

  • November 15th – November 20th, 2022

Why is the VCT 2022 Game Changers Championship So Special?

Let’s deviate from the core goal of this VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship betting guide for a moment. It’s time to zero in on why the VCT 2022 Game Changers Championship is such an impactful tournament. Fortunately, the nature of the competition was summed up perfectly in a statement given by Vera Wienken, the Brand Manager for Riot Games:

‘If we want to inspire more women to pursue their esports dreams, we need to take direct action to make these games more accessible, and create a level playing field for them to enter in years to come. We want VCT Game Changers EMEA to be that stepping stone for women, in the EU to show off their VALORANT skills and compete in a fair, safe environment but still within the ecosystem’

Wienken was speaking on the expansion of the VCT Game Changers ecosystem, which was taking place to bring the EMEA region into the fold. As one of the most representative, inclusive ecosystems in esports, the VCT Game Changers platform has already made great and progressive waves in the space. In recent weeks, thousands of people have been tuning into the regional qualifiers for the VCT 2022 Game Changers Championship. The final event itself is expected to pull in even more viewers.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for those interested in VALORANT Champions betting to try something a little different while remaining on familiar ground.

VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship Teams

VCT 2022 Game Changers Championship betting guide guild
GUILD’s all-female VALORANT team has been making waves since late-2021 (Image Credit: GUILD Esports)

Any VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship betting guide worth its salt would be nothing without a breakdown of the teams competing at the event. Eight teams are stepping up to the plate at this inaugural event, all of them having qualified directly for the opportunity to compete. There’s a €50,000 prize pool on the line, and the team that wins this event will be the first in history to do so.

Here’s the breakdown of the VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship teams that have been confirmed:

  • Cloud9 White (NA)
  • Shopify Rebellion GC (NA)
  • Team Liquid (LATAM)
  • KRU Fem (LATAM)
  • Guild X (EMEA)
  • G2 Gozen (EMEA)
  • FENNEL Female (East Asia)
  • X10 Sapphire (APAC)

It’s a strong mix of recognisable names and up-and-coming organisations, and it’s a list that promises to make for an exciting tournament. If you’re eager to play the VALORANT odds at this tournament, we massively recommend getting on board with Thunderpick esports, a top-tier esports betting platform that also has a progressive focus. For years, Thunderpick has been building out a profile as one of the most competitive, reputable crypto betting sites available.

VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship Odds and Bets

Let’s end this all-important VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship betting guide with some top-shelf betting tips. It’s quite a tough contest to call, but only one team can walk away the ultimate victor. It’s important to remember that every team competing at this event has qualified directly by already proving that they’re the best of the best when it comes to VALORANT. However, with that being said, we’re definitely liking the look of Cloud9 White and Guild X.

If you’re going to back the tournament with a few wagers, again, we’d recommend making an account with Thunderpick. It’s a platform that offers a clean and reliable betting experience, and if you can pick up a Thunderpick promo code, even better. As a forward-thinking, digitally-focused platform, crypto betting with Thunderpick is a refreshing change compared to traditional fiat-based esports betting.

Ultimately, if you approach the VCT 2022: Game Changers Championship with a relatively open mind and a good betting strategy, you could win a few wagers. This is a monumental tournament, after all – it should be enjoyed by the bettors just as much as the viewers and, of course, the competitors themselves.

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