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The Dice game from’s Originals series is easily one of Stake’s most popular games. Many reasons are responsible for the popularity of Stake Dice, like its simple gameplay, emphasis on provable fairness and transparency, and impressive 99% Return To Player (RTP) Rate, which incentivises fans to play Dice on

So if you’re thinking of giving the game a try, then this Stake Dice strategy article is the right one for you, as we go over some essential strategies to help you improve those winning odds.

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What is Stake Dice?

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Since 2017, the dice game has been crucial in the Stake casino betting system. This game uses virtual Dice with a wide variety of 100 sides. Players can choose their own goals in both Roll Over and Roll Under scenarios.

  • This strategic choice affects the Win Chance and Multiplier throughout the virtual dice rolls in each betting round.
  • Players try to roll a number that exceeds the predetermined Roll Over limit when playing Roll Over mode.
  • In contrast, the Roll Under mode aims to win by rolling a dice value below the predetermined Roll Under benchmark.
  • Your prediction is made by dragging the slider up or down.

How to Play Dice on Stake is a crypto betting site that requires players to use various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and others. Players who do not own any crypto assets can Buy Crypto using a Visa or Mastercard using a third-party payment provider.

The first step to playing Stake Dice is to log in to your account and deposit a cryptocurrency of your choice.

Learn how to do this by visiting the deposit page. All that’s left is to select Dice on the Stake Originals page and start playing.

Stake Dice Features: Focus on Autobetting have implemented certain features to help players make the betting process more automated, to make it easier to handle large volumes of bets and effectively manage their bankroll.

Autobetting is a choice that enables users to place bets based on simple guidelines, change the amount of chance based on whether the user is up or down, and implement stop mechanisms based on reaching win or loss thresholds.

Here are the Autobet mechanisms to help your Stakes Dice betting game:

  • Betting Amount: The initial bet amount to be placed during a betting round
  • Number of Bets: The number of betting rounds the player will allow auto betting to run.
  • On Win Bet Adjustment: In the event of winning a bet, adjust the betting amount by a percentage (%)
  • On Loss Bet Adjustment: In the event of losing a bet, adjust the betting amount by a percentage (%)
  • Stop on Profit: After winning a certain amount, stop auto-betting and end the betting rounds with a set profit target.
  • Stop on Loss: After losing a certain amount, stop auto-betting and save the bankroll from exceeding the target loss amount

Stake Dice Strategy for Beginners

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Beginners should start playing on manual and transition to Autobetting once they’re comfortable with the mechanics.

  • Begin by playing Stake Dice in manual mode. It allows you to examine how changing the slider between 0 and 100 and the size of your bet affects your chances of winning. Your primary goal here should be to maximize your bankroll. That means you shouldn’t spend it all at once. Take the following steps: Make smaller bets. Select the medium-risk option. After a win, increase either the wager amount or the risk. After a loss, reduce either the stake or the risk.
  • Once you’ve mastered the game, your next dice strategy to play as a new player could incorporate the Dice Auto feature. It will assist you in implementing a strategy with multiple controls. Here’s how to put it to use: Based on your bankroll, select the number of automatic bets. You have the option of increasing your wager amount after a loss or after a win. If you like the manual strategy, it’s preferable to keep rising after a win. You have the option of increasing the percentage. Finally, use the stop-loss and profit-stop-loss recommendations. They help set limitations and control your cash. Dice Strategy for Experts

  • Martingale: Dating back to the 18th century, the Martingale strategy is all about betting and trading. It’s got two fancy rules: bump up your bet by 100% after a loss and reset it after a win. It’s like chasing losses with the hope of big wins. Best suited for high rollers in games with a 99% RTP.
  • Delayed Martingale: A spin on the classic Martingale, this one waits for a streak of 3 losses before going 100% bigger on the next bet. Win, and it resets. It’s like a steadier approach to gambling, using three conditions.
  • Paroli: If you’re into minimizing losses and riding those winning waves, Paroli’s your jam. After a loss, your bet resets. After a win, it jumps up. Hit three wins in a row, and you start fresh again.
  • D’Alembert: Also known as the ‘Pyramid System,’ D’ Alembert is about adding to your bet after a win and subtracting after a loss. It’s like a see-saw of bets as you go.

These are the Stake dice strategies you can implement into your game to ensure your chances of making winning bets.

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