Reddit CSGO Betting: The Best CSGO Betting Subreddits and Tips

Nothing gets you caught up to speed with matters relevant to both playing and betting on CSGO faster than going to a Reddit CSGO betting forum.

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That said, there are some important tips and information that Redditors who love to enjoy and make money on CSGO want you to know. Today, we’ll be unpacking what they have to say.

Best CSGO Subreddits for Betting

Looking for a CSGO betting guide? The Reddit CSGO betting communities and the CSGO community as a whole are there to help.

Here are some of the best CSGO betting subreddits you might want to be a part of.

CSGO Betting Subreddit #1: r/GlobalOffensive

This is the town square of all things CSGO, and the CSGO stats Reddit accumulates here during major events may give you valuable insights that reflect the community’s betting outlook. Other than that, you can find discussions ranging from the sickest plays, best players, roster changes, and CSGO memes.

CSGO Betting Subreddit #2: r/csgobetting

csgo betting predictions reddit

It’s not enough to treat as top of mind the CSGO stats Reddit has compiled that are based on general opinions about tournaments and teams outside of a betting context. It’s also important to get down to the nitty-gritty of those tournaments and teams as they relate to betting odds, betting markets, and betting sites. This is the main CSGO betting subreddit that focuses on these details.

CSGO Betting Subreddit #3: r/GlobalOffensiveTrade

csgo reddit

In many CSGO betting sites, skins are currencies, and a smart way of finding skins is to browse a public listing where comments act as checks and balances. You can always turn to your site’s case opening or player-to-player market, of course, or you can take a broader approach by going to this CSGO betting subreddit. Players place their trades every day, and you can too. Just make sure to be wary of CSGO scams all the time and never let your guard down.

Worth a Mention: r/Scams

Speaking of scams, not only skins are linked with shady deals and phoney individuals but also entire betting sites and operators. In this subreddit, scammers and their acts of scamming are brought to light for the benefit of the many. It’s an umbrella community that discusses various scams, so you will have to filter out the cases relevant to CSGO.

Best CSGO Betting Sites Reddit Trusts

The best CSGO sites for betting have been named over and over again by countless betting articles. But what do the Reddit CSGO betting enthusiasts have to say?


Bet365’s fair odds are widely known in the gambling industry, but it’s the expediency of those odds that make them a staple among the Reddit CSGO betting groups. By expedient, it means the odds don’t get locked out or suspended most of the time once they go live, and the match is ongoing. Quite the opposite, they’re updated quickly, which enhances the live betting experience since bettors can jump in on a market without a hitch.

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Most Reddit CSGO betting fans point to GG.Bet’s prestigious brand, which has a solid foundation made up of a clean interface, competitive odds, vast markets, and high-profile affiliations with NAVI, Team Vitality, and PGL. The site is user-friendly and has responsive customer service—the primary reasons those who are getting to know how to bet on CSGO are often instructed to start here.

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Many CSGO betting predictions Reddit has amassed throughout the years are posited by bettors who are longtime customers of Pinnacle. Their united argument for the site? Little to no restrictions on the account and limitless stakes. The largest winnings in the site’s history in one day, for instance, amounted to 2 million dollars. If you’re a high roller who likes betting big to earn big, Pinnacle is the bookie that will indulge your needs.

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2 Best Reddit CSGO Betting Tips

These are 2 of the best Reddit CSGO betting tips as of late that tackle major discussions in the CSGO gambling sphere.

1. Small Stakes, Small Chances

Many CSGO betting tips Reddit offers debate the teams in terms of strength. Who’s the strongest to win this match or that match? Who’s the strongest to even make it to the semifinals? Who’s the strongest to win the entire event?

This tip, on the other hand, deals with the rare situation when teams who have strength have little motivation to exhaust it entirely due to the stakes being small (in the eyes of huge esports organizations, at least).

In the Pinnacle Cup IV, Bad News Eagles, a team who competed in the 2022 Antwerp Major and 2022 Rio Major, went to Ancient for the 3rd map against second-division ECSTATIC in the quarterfinals. They had a 64% win rate on the map, while ECSTATIC had 53%. Yet Bad News Eagle lost the map and got eliminated from the tournament. On the second map of the series, Bad News Eagle suffered a 1-16 defeat.

Maybe it was bad luck. Maybe ECSTATIC played well. Or maybe you don’t always get the right level of performance when the right incentive isn’t there.

csgo betting subreddit

2. Chain Logic is Overrated

If Team A breezes through the semifinals and Team B manages by a hair, reason dictates that Team A is the favorite to win in the final. Some Reddit CSGO betting predictions might conclude that the first team is in better form while the second is already showing signs of stagger.

In the same stage of the tournament, another chain logic goes that if Team A beats a particularly strong favorite after a neck and neck contest while Team B knocks off an underdog without much effort, then money must be better spent for the latter rather than the former. As far as the bettors who follow this logic are concerned, the final has already happened.

However, as with many CSGO betting tips Reddit produces, this concept’s biggest flaw is connecting the dots by looking forward instead of backwards. It relies on speculation by separating the performances of the teams and ignoring the unknown variables of future matchups.

For example, in the IEM Katowice S16 back in February, G2 struggled against NAVI, the main favorite, to win 2-0 in the end. Meanwhile, FaZe beat Heroic like the series was a warm-up. Then came the final. And after long and arduous CSGO competitive maps, FaZe won the tournament point 3-0.

CSGO betting isn’t a mere equation of 1 plus 1 equals 2. Your betting account would fare better if you don’t rely on chain logic.

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