Bet365 eSoccer Guide

Learn everything you need to know about betting on eSoccer at Bet365!


Want to play some Bet365 eSoccer? You definitely should! After all, we’ve prepared this handy guide to show you what Bet365 eSoccer betting is all about. While it’s a bit different from betting on regular football matches in the real world, we’ve found that it’s no less fun. So keep reading to see what your Bet365 eSoccer options are!

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Does Bet365 Have eSoccer?

Yes, Bet365 has an excellent eSoccer betting service. This means that you can enjoy betting on awesome video game simulations of real-life football tournaments 24/7. Each of the eSoccer games has great graphics, realistic audio and no shortage of betting options. So let’s have a look at how good eSoccer betting is at Bet365!

How to Bet on eSoccer at Bet365

bet365 esoccer virtual

As soon as you log into Bet365, you can be betting on eSoccer in a matter of seconds. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make a deposit with one of the accepted payment methods
  • Navigate to the Virtual Sports section
  • Click on Soccer and select one of the four leagues
  • Pick a game, select which odds you want to bet on, enter your stake and watch the action!

So Many Ways to Bet on eSoccer at Bet365

The Bet365 eSoccer service features real gamers playing the biggest and best teams like Manchester United, Juventus and Real Madrid. Plus there are lots of different challenges like Esoccer Battle, Esoccer Live Arena and Esoccer GT Leagues that all have something different to offer. What’s best is that an eSoccer game takes place every 8, 10 or 12 minutes which is more than can be said for tournaments like the World Cup and Champions League.

Just like you can bet on FIFA in many different ways, Bet365 gives you a similar choice of ways for betting on eSoccer. For an eSoccer World Cup game we found that we could bet on the full-time result, goals over/under, Asian handicap, first-half goal line and much more.

Pros and Cons of the Bet365 eSoccer Betting Service

bet365 esoccer guide
Image Credit: Bet365

We thought that it would be useful to give you the main advantages and disadvantages of using the Bet365 eSoccer platform:


  • Realism: Lots of soccer video games can be annoying with dodgy graphics and irritating audio, but the eSoccer games at Bet365 are just like the real thing. We loved all of the animations and the fact you get to play as real teams was a nice touch.
  • Betting markets: We were blown away by the sheer number of bets that we could put down on eSoccer at Bet365.
  • Tournaments: With lots of different leagues to wager on, you’ll have lots of betting entertainment at Bet365, even when no football matches in the real world are going on.
  • Endless entertainment: Remember that eSoccer games run day and night to give you plenty of ways to perfect your betting strategies!


  • Not as big as FIFA: Everyone knows that FIFA is the biggest soccer simulator and it’s fair to say that the Bet365 FIFA esports platform gets more customers.

How Does Bet365 eSoccer Compare to Similar Sites?

We knew that the Bet365 esports betting service is great and so it’s no major surprise to find that the brand’s eSoccer platform would be just as good. After all, you can come to the Bet365 eSoccer section and enjoy a never-ending range of bets for some seriously entertaining football games. So make sure that you sign up for Bet365 and enjoy some great eSoccer action!