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For years, battle royale games have been growing rapidly in popularity. It might seem bizarre to some gamers, but mobile battle royale titles are a key part of that growth, and games like Garena Free Fire are leading the charge. This modern battle royale boasts one of the most active esports scenes in mobile gaming, attracting millions of users to the competitive space. We’re here to break down the best Free Fire tournaments, introducing you to the esports ecosystem surrounding Free Fire.

Although you may not have heard of Free Fire, it is a remarkably valuable esports title. There are massive, global esports tournaments held, with some boasting prize pools worth as much as $2 million. As mobile gaming is the most accessible form of gaming, there are quite literally hundreds of millions of people fuelling the ecosystem. It’s a fortunate fact that there are many Free Fire tournaments to keep these players occupied, and in this article, we’ll summarise the best ones.

Read on to learn more about the best Free Fire tournaments out there today.

Are Free Fire Tournaments Popular?

free fire tournaments

Well, let’s put it this way…

In 2021, the Free Fire World Series in Singapore set the world record for the highest peak viewership for an esports tournament. At the highest point, there were more than 5.4 million people watching the Free Fire World Series, a figure which dwarfs many other top-tier esports titles. It was a tournament that had just eight hours of airtime across a two-day period, but it generated more hours watched than most other esports competitions.

If that’s not enough to establish its popularity, we can offer a few more statistics. For instance, in 2019, Garena Free Fire became the most downloaded mobile game in the world, and by 2021, it boasted more than 150 million daily active users. These numbers are staggeringly high, and there are few games in existence that even come close. It was also revealed in 2021 that Free Fire had grossed more than $4 billion worldwide, despite being free-to-play.

There are huge markets for Free Fire in the LATAM, and Southeast Asian regions, which is where many of the best Free Fire tournaments are held. For example, if you’re a LATAM fan, you might find yourself taking part in some Liga Brasileria Free Fire betting, or even some Free Fire League Latinoamerica betting. These are some of the hottest esports events in the region, and they’re insanely popular.

best free fire tournaments

Despite being quite a recent esports betting title, Free Fire remains dramatically popular and the esports scene is forever growing.

How Is Garena Free Fire Played?

If you’re any kind of gamer, you’ll recognise the term ‘battle royale’. For years, the battle royale genre has been growing at an impressive rate, rapidly rising to become arguably the most popular gaming genre in the world.

free fire tournaments

It has spawned titles like Fortnite, PUBG, Warzone, and Apex Legends, and it constantly dominates the content creation and esports spaces.

Garena Free Fire is as typical of a battle royale as you can imagine. It all begins with fifty players parachuting into a map (which is an island) and immediately searching for weapons and equipment that they’ll use to survive. As they journey around the island, they’ll come across other players that they can fight. There’s only one main goal, and that’s to be the last player standing – which is completely typical where battle royale games are concerned.

As the game unravels, the ‘safe area’ on the map shrinks over time, which ultimately forces players to move closer as the game draws to a close. In Free Fire, players can jump into a battle royale game either solo or as a team of up to four players. However, there’s also a mode titled Clash Squad, which isn’t a battle royale mode at all.

In Clash Squad, two teams of four enter the arena with an allotment of funds. These funds are used to purchase weapons and items (much like in CS:GO or Valorant), and over a total of seven rounds, these two teams fight to destroy the other side.

Best Free Fire Tournaments: The Breakdown

In the diverse world of Free Fire tournaments, some tournaments stand out from the crowd. While there are hundreds of tournaments every year, there are only a few that really matter when it comes to Free Fire betting.

1. Free Fire World SeriesFree Fire World Series

Once a year, the greatest spectacle for Free Fire gamblers pops up. If you’re looking for a great experience, you’ll not find anything better than Free Fire World Series betting. This tournament is the biggest event in the Free Fire space, boasting a $2 million prize pool and huge viewership numbers. Every year, 18 of the world’s greatest Free Fire teams descend on one central location to compete in a short but intense tournament. In 2022, the Free Fire World Series was held in Singapore, and it was team Attack All Around that walked away with the $500,000 grand prize.

This is easily one of the best Free Fire tournaments to ever exist.

2. Free Fire Asia Championship

Free Fire Asia ChampionshipAs we’ve already mentioned, there are huge markets for Free Fire in Asia. In 2021, the first-ever Asia Championship was held, boasting unparalleled levels of action and a massive $400k prize pool. While this was a special event, it’s expected to return at some point, and up to 31 teams will once again compete for the lion’s share of the hefty prize pool.

When it came down to Asia Championship betting, gamblers were torn between the massive amount of talent on display. It was a tough tournament, but super exciting for the one million viewers that watched it concurrently.

3. Vietnam Free Fire LeagueVietnam Free Fire League

While the Vietnam Free Fire League betting opportunities are a little slimmer, they’re still pretty exciting! There is a massive Free Fire audience in Vietnam, and the in-country League is one of the most highly contested Free Fire tournaments out there. There are several stages to the League, which are split up into seasons as the year unravels, and each season boasts a considerable prize pool. It isn’t in the same tier as the Asia Championship of the Free Fire World Series, but it does carry with it a prize pool of up to $180k per season.

4. Liga Brasileira de Free Fire

Liga Brasileira de Free FireWe’ve also spoken about the huge Free Fire markets that exist in South America, particularly in the LATAM regions. In Brasil, a high-tier League is hosted, following a similar structure to the Vietnam Free Fire League. While the Liga Brasileira boasts a slightly lower value than the Asian leagues, it’s still a remarkably popular tournament and easily one of the best Free Fire events on the calendar.

More Tournaments Than You Can Handle

There are countless high-value, high-tier Free Fire tournaments held every year. For instance, some honourable mentions include (with prize pools):

  • C.O.P.A Free Fire 2022 ($208k)
  • MCP Majors ($70k)
  • FFL Latinoamerica 2022 ($150k)
  • Free Fire Master League (83k)
  • Free Fire India Championship ($129k) – returning for 2023
  • Free Fire Continental Series ($300k)

If you’re just getting involved with Free Fire betting, there are plenty of events for you to choose from. It depends on the betting site you’re using, but you should have absolutely no issues finding Free Fire markets online to place a few wagers on.

UPDATE August 2023 – notably, as of September 2023, Free Fire is back in India for both casuals and competitors. Thanks to the title no longer being banned in India, the popular region looks to punctuate the season calendar once again through the Free Fire India Championship, the winners of which advance to the Free Fire World Series 2023 in Bangkok Thailand.

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