Double Chance Betting Explained: What is Double Chance in Betting?

Posted on February 20, 2023 - Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Lots of football fans will ask, ‘What is double chance in betting?’ and this guide is here to answer that question. We’ve prepared this guide that clearly explains what double chance betting is all about and we’ll give you some simple examples of this kind of bet. Don’t forget that we’ll even give you some double chance tips so that you can enjoy a superior way to play.

Top-rated double chance betting sites

We have found that pretty much all online bookmakers will offer double chance betting for football. However, we picked a couple of our favourite betting sites to show you how they handle double chance bets.


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How does double chance work in Betway?

Anyone who’s read our Betway review will know that this site isn’t afraid to give you lots of bets for all major soccer games. This means that you can enjoy double chance betting here so as to bet on a home win and a draw, an away win and a draw, or even either the home team or away team to win

What is double chance in Bet365?

Bet365 treats double chance betting just like all other betting sites. This means that you combine two betting markets in a standard 1×2 event into one. Perfect for giving yourself an extra level of safety for your football bets.

Double chance betting

Credit: Football Talk

What is double chance in betting?

A double chance bet is a kind of bet that’s related to sports with 1×2 betting markets such as football. Here the ‘1’ refers to a home win, the ‘x’ to a draw, and the ‘2’ to an away win.

A double chance bet lets you bet on two of these results happening. This gives you two-thirds of a chance of winning your bet rather than just one-third.

Let’s take an example of how you could make a double chance bet on a game of football between the home team Manchester United, and the visitors, Tottenham Hotspur:

  • Home win and draw: Here you would win your bet if Manchester United won the game or the game was drawn.
  • Away win and draw: This is where you’d win your bet if Tottenham won or the game was drawn.
  • Home win and away win: This has a double chance 12 meaning where you’d win your bet if either Manchester United or Tottenham won, but you’d lose your bet if there was a draw.

From this, we can see that double chance betting gives you a much better chance of winning your bets compared to if you had bet on one individual team to win. The only downside is the fact that your odds won’t be as good.

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Check out these double chance tips

Double chance betting is pretty simple, but we thought that we should still give you some tips to get you started:

  • Combine your bets: You might not get too much in returns from a double chance bet by itself. However, if you combine this bet with another bet type, you could make things more interesting. Lots of people will try a bet on the double chance and over 1.5 meaning that it could be two different results in the game, but that more than 1.5 goals will be scored. This will raise the odds but still give you a fair chance of winning.
  • Good for faltering big teams: All successful sports teams can have a bad run of form. A double chance bet is a good option for this because you know that the team should win the game even though some of the recent results suggest otherwise. In which case, try a win and draw double chance bet to give yourself some protection.
  • Great for sporting upsets: Double chance bets are also good for when you think that an underdog might be able to perform a big upset. While they might not be able to win the game outright, a double chance bet will at least give you some kind of reward if the underdog manages to scrape a draw.

double change betting

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All you need to know about double chance betting

All of our betting guides are devoted to giving you the tools you need to understand different ways to bet. When it comes to double chance betting, this offers you a great way to remove some of the risk from betting on any sports with 1×2 markets such as football.

What’s best is that we’ve also given you some handy tips so that you can make your 1×2 bets even safer, or add a touch of risk to get potentially better returns. So check back here to make sure that you always enjoy the best kind of double chance betting.

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