GG.BET LoL Betting Guide

Learn everything you need to know about betting on League of Legends with GG.BET!

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Welcome to our guide to the GG.BET LoL betting platform. We’ll show you what kinds of League of Legends bets you can enjoy at GG.BET and reveal what kinds of bonuses you can get for wagering on this iconic battle arena game. You’ll even get to see what live betting options there are and we’ll rank all of this alongside the best LoL betting sites. So keep reading to see what GG.BET LoL betting is all about!

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Does GG.BET Have League of Legends Betting?

Of course it does! GG.BET was one of the esport betting sites that featured League of Legends betting way before any of the mainstream online bookmakers jumped on the bandwagon!

How to Bet on LoL at GG.BET

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It’s so easy to use the GG.BET LoL betting platform. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up to GG.BET
  • Make an opening deposit
  • Navigate to the GG.BET Bets section
  • Click on League of Legends
  • Browse the League of Legends games
  • Click on the odds, enter your stake and submit your bet

Lots of Ways to Bet on League of Legends at GG.BET

One of our favourite things about the GG.BET LoL betting service is the fact that you get so many different ways to bet on the MOBA game. Here are just some of the LoL betting markets you’ll find at GG.BET:

  • Match winner
  • Outright bets
  • Map winner
  • Map handicap
  • In-game bets such as first baron killed, first kill, ‘penta kill’, and so on

Enjoy Live LoL Betting at GG.BET

Betting live on LoL is great fun, and this is something that GG.BET understands. After all, this online bookmaker features live LoL betting odds for all of the games and you’ll be able to enjoy dozens of live betting markets. Plus we should note the fact that GG.BET even includes live Twitch streaming of LoL on its site!

Pros of Using GG.BET for Your LoL Bets

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There was so much that impressed us about the GG.BET LoL betting service. Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Amazing LoL odds: If you’ve read our GG.BET review, you’ll know that this betting site always puts on great odds for esports and sports. Therefore it’s no surprise that GG.BET’s LoL odds are some of the best in the business.
  • Quality LoL coverage: GG.BET somehow manages to put on bets for all major and minor LoL tournaments. This means you can make your LoL predictions for anything from LoL Worlds to something like the LA Comic Con Invitational and know that GG.BET will have the relevant odds for you to bet on.
  • Live streaming: Obviously, live streaming makes it so much easier to know what live odds to bet on, and so we were very pleased to see that GG.BET has live streams for all of its live LoL bets.

Cons of GG.BET’s LoL Betting Service

It’s hard to have too many criticisms of the GG.BET League of Legends betting service. Sure, it might have been nice to have a dedicated GG.BET promo code that was specific to LoL, but nothing is stopping you from using many of the other deals on this game.

Conclusion | Is GG.BET Among the Best LoL Betting Sites?

You simply can’t fault the GG.BET LoL betting service. Not only does this site have amazing coverage of League of Legends, but its odds are frequently some of the best around. When you couple all of this up with things like live streaming and generous bonuses, you’ll understand why we’re recommending that all LoL fans open an account at GG.BET and start betting!

Sign Up with GG.BET here!
Up To $300 bonus
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Competitive Odds
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