10 Reasons to Bet on Esports Rather Than Football

Published: Mar 3, 2020

Sports betting has been around for a very long time but nowadays there are many other events you can bet on beyond traditional sports. One booming area for bettors to enjoy is esports betting with companies like Cyber.bet offering an extensive range of bets on this exciting new market.

It is fair to say that esports is booming so with that in mind, we have decided to give you ten good reasons why it is preferable to bet on esports than it is on traditional football betting.

Seeing how your esports bets perform can be easier, more accessible and cheaper

If you place a bet on a Premier League match and you want to see the gameplay out live to witness whether your bet is a winner or not, then you have a couple of choices, Either attend the game in person (which will cost you the price of a ticket, plus travel), or pay for a TV subscription service which will bring you live games as part of their offering. Of course, you’d just have to hope that the game you bet on is one offered live for customers.

That’s not ideal when you compare that to the fact that esports matches are streamed live on services such as Twitch and YouTube for free. Not only that, but a massive selection of esports matches are streamed, so you have an extensive choice of options available to you, all free of charge and all of which can be accessed across multiple online-enabled devices such as tablets, smartphones or desktop computers.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that esports is a fringe event viewed by a select few, last year, more people watched esports in the United States than the Major League Baseball, NBA Basketball, Major League Soccer and the National Hockey League. Watching how your bets pan out for esports is more readily available, cheaper and accessible than tracking your football bet.

Betting on esports can be innovative and fun

When you bet with bookmakers who have dedicated their platform to esports betting like Cyber.bet, then you not only do you have their years of experience available to you but these bookmakers make things much easier and enjoyable for customers. Markets are very quick and easy to locate, with esports odds clearly displayed so finding and selecting your markets is intuitive and easy.

In addition, Cyber.bet is developing many other features to enhance the esports bettor’s experience such as the Escore App, to help you keep track of matches in real-time.



Forthcoming is Cyber.bet’s latest innovation, esports fans will soon be able to place bets on Twitch streamers. This new feature has been successfully tested on games such as NBA2K, FIFA, and Fortnite amongst others and will be made available in the near future.

Football betting tends to be more static, offering the same markets over and over again, while betting on esports can open up innovative new ways to bet, not to mention fresh new markets to bet on.

Esports fans could have more knowledge than the bookmakers

Bookmakers are always wary of new things to bet on, especially those where they may not have the specialist detailed knowledge that they have on traditional sports like football. Bookies have many years of experience offering odds on these markets and there’s nothing they don’t know when it comes to most forms of sports bets.

Betting on esports is different. It’s a new, fast-changing and evolving market that many traditional sportsbooks do not have the same level of knowledge about. This means if you are something of an esports expert, you can potentially find some favorable bets based on your knowledge, which means that you can get better value bets for your money than you could with a similar football bet.

Updates, Nerfs and Buffs make for an ever-changing environment in esports compared to football

Pick a winner in the French Ligue 1 for next season? I bet that you went for Paris St Germain. In Spain, you’d go for Barcelona or Real Madrid? Scotland, Rangers or Celtic, England, Liverpool or Manchester City. What is clear is that in some betting markets for football, it is the same teams at the same odds time and time again.

esports betting better than football betting

However, in the esports industry, developers will frequently re-evaluate their software and make updates, Buff (improve) characters skills or Nerf (reduce) characters skills. This means that the conditions teams and individuals play in during an esports season, can change and this can have a big effect on the odds you will get even for matches between the same two teams.

This creates a far more flexible and fluid betting environment for esports, where odds on the same market on the same game, can be wildly different depending on any updates that were made in the intervening time.

Esports Gambling is still expanding and has far more potential than football betting

Pretty much all the bets you can find on football are available nowadays, so there’s nothing new or innovative that is set to come out on the horizon for football punters to enjoy any time soon. Sure, you may get a shiny new app, or games from the Ghanaian 3rd division made available to bet on, but there’s nothing to make you grab your phone with the mindset that you have to try out these new options.

In esports betting, things are totally different. Over the years, we have seen the number of esports bookies like Cyberbet offer bets on an increasingly varied market.

Add to that the development of brand new esports games and tournaments, such as the Call of Duty League which started this year and the potential for exciting new tournaments and bets to access remains huge.

Esports is more unpredictable than football

Although you still get the occasional giant-killing in football, they are becoming fewer and far between and as such, don’t offer particularly good value for a punter seeking a longer odds return on a bet. Bigger clubs are getting richer, more powerful and stronger, smaller teams are struggling and as a result, the gap between the two is widening.


In esports, this is not the case as things are much more evenly contested and as a result, you can get some massive surprises. London Spitfire beating Philadelphia Fusion to win the inaugural Overwatch World League, Russian wildcard side Albus Nox Luna’s shock win over Rox Tigers in the 2016 League of Legends World Championships being just two examples.

These surprise wins occur more often across all esports which makes betting on them much more exciting for punters than on football games where more often than not, the bigger, richer teams win.

Esports appeals to a key demographic that football perhaps does not reach

One of the most important things for companies like Cyberbet is that their esports betting service reaches the key millennials market. Traditional sports betting sites offering football betting and other standard sports bets have found it extremely difficult to attract people in this market.

However, esports is hugely popular with millennials and as such, esports betting is also very popular with this key demographic. However, it is not just millennials that can enjoy esports betting, anybody can and this means esports gambling can have potentially massive appeal across the broad spectrum of punters in the world today.

Esports involves athletes more relevant, accessible and approachable

Top-level football betting involves betting on teams that contain the biggest stars in world football like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Mo Salah. Often, these megastars live lives that are totally alien to the punters that bet on them.


In the esports betting industry, the opposite is true. The vast majority of esports professionals are just like the people betting on them. This makes them more relevant, accessible and approachable. Indeed, many fans will follow esports professionals on social media and at tournaments and interact with them. This personalizes their betting experience and as such, gives their esports bets a greater context.

Technology won’t turn your winning bet into a loser in esports betting

One of the most frustrating things for football punters at the moment is VAR technology and we have already seen numerous examples where VAR has overruled an onfield decision that has impacted a punter receiving a payout on their bet. For example, if VAR overturns a goal awarded in a game by a player you backed to be an anytime goalscorer, your bet, which was a winner, now is no longer a winner as VAR has overturned the decision.

Sure that player may score later on in the game, but equally, they may not and if that happens, you have missed out due to VAR.

Esports does not have a VAR equivalent which means esports punters are not going to be frustrated when they watch the action unfold as what happens on screen, will determine the success of their bets without any outside interference.

Officials cannot influence whether your bet is a winner or not

The top esports games do not have a human referee as an arbiter of the rules in the way that football does in a referee. When you introduce a human element into a game like soccer, there is always interpretation involved in how the rules are applied and this cannot be universal.

In esports, everything is universal as everyone playing uses the same version of the same game. That produces a much more even playing field for teams and players, as they are not open to the whims of an individual referee.


How many times has a wrong decision from an official turned the course of a football game? The knock-on effect of this is that football bets can lose as a result. There’s none of this frustration in esports as there is no human element involved in the game itself, other than the players or teams involved competing against each other.

Football betting is still hugely popular and it is easy to see why given it is a massively popular sport,  but esports betting is very quickly growing in stature and popularity and it has many advantages over football betting that are well worth taking note of by any punter.

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