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2017 League Of Legends Update Part 3: Mastery And Jungle Changes Abound

LoL Jungle Mastery 2017 changes
We’re here with our last round of major League of Legends updates that just officially went live on the servers.

Part one detailing shifts for 2017 can be found here, and part two can be found here.

In this installment, we’ll be taking a look at the biggest mastery changes since the inception of Keystone Masteries last year. This will include plenty of adjustments, as well as some new masteries and a new Keystone Mastery.

In addition, Riot has once again taken the offseason to make significant changes to the jungle. This includes the addition of new plants, a new element, and plenty of alterations to almost all of the preexisting jungle camps.

Find full descriptions below.

New Keystone Mastery

The Resolve tree will receive some nice new toys this offseason. For starters, Strength of the Ages will no longer be available.

Instead, a new Keystone Mastery will replace it. Courage of the Colossus will grant users a shield when players use any hard crowd controlling ability on an opponent.

Masteries improved

In addition to the big Keystone Mastery change mentioned above, there will be some other additions and changes throughout all of the trees.

  • [NEW] Battle Trance (Ferocity, Tier 4) – Gain up to 5% increased damage over five seconds when in combat with enemy Champions.
  • [NEW] Fresh Blood (Ferocity, Tier 2) – The first basic attack against a champion deals an additional 10+ 1 per level damage (six-second cooldown).
  • [UPDATE] Bounty Hunter (Ferocity, Tier 4) – Effect increased to 1.5% from 1%.
  • [UPDATE] Double Edged Sword (Ferocity, Tier 4) – Increased to dealing 5% and taking 2.5% from 3% and 1.5% (moved from Tier 2 to Tier 4).
  • [UPDATE] Fervor of Battle (Ferocity, Tier 6) – Hitting champions with basic attacks generates a Fervor stack (two for melee attacks, two seconds cooldown for ability hits). Stacks of Fervor last four seconds (max 10 stacks) and increase your AD by 1-6 for each stack.
  • [NEW] Greenfather’s Gift (Cunning, Tier 4) – Stepping into brush causes your next damaging attack or ability to deal 3% of your target’s current health as bonus magic damage (nine-second cooldown).
  • [UPDATE] Precision (Cunning, Tier 5) – Now grants 1.7 Lethality per point (removed Armor Penetration).
  • [NEW] Siegemaster (Resolve, Tier 2) – Gain 8 Armor and Magic Resistance when near an allied tower.
  • [NEW] Fearless (Resolve, Tier 4) – Gain 10% +2 per level bonus Armor and Magic Resistance when damaged by an enemy champion for two seconds (nine-second cooldown).
  • [NEW] Courage of the Colossus (Resolve, Tier 6) – Gain a shield for 10+ 10 per level + 7% of your maximum health for each nearby enemy champion for four seconds after hitting an enemy champion with hard CC (30-second cooldown).

The Jungle comes alive

It’s not an offseason League of Legends update without some major tweaks to the jungle. Riot has continually tried to make the jungle less predetermined, leading to revamps in four of the past five preseason updates.

Making it more interesting and meaningful this time around meant gutting some of the changes from last year (say goodbye to buffs just for smiting jungle camps first).

Smite will now heal you whenever you smite a large monster, no matter which one. Riot will also be making some additional minor changes to camps to make each feel more distinct.

This season, the jungle will literally grow up. Three distinct plants will be added to the jungle now, with random, predestined spawn locations for each type.

Blast cone

Blast cone plants will allow enemies to escape certain doom and aggressive players to make proactive plays over the drake and Baron pits.

Think Ziggs Satchel Charge, but it requires someone to kill the plant before it goes off.

Scryer’s Bloom

What are plants without some pollen spreading everywhere? Well, that’s exactly what Scryer’s Bloom does. When the player destroys the Scryer plant, a frontal cone of pollen will disperse over the map.

Any enemy players, hidden traps, or even wards will be revealed if the pollen falls on them.


Honeyfruit delves into the healing properties of plants.

Destroying a Honeyfruit plant will spill fruit on the ground that heals the player. The Honeyfruit plant will also provide mana when eaten.

Jungle Camp adjustments

Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback

The Blue Sentinel and Red Brambleback will be shedding some of their unnecessary weight.

No, they’re not going on a diet, but the two small minions that accompanied them have run off (perhaps looking for that new Honeyfruit).


Riot didn’t feel there were enough raptors pecking players to death, so it’s now included three additional smaller ones.

That means there will be a total of six raptors now, and trust us, they’re not herbivores!

Murk Wolves

The Murk Wolves will now shoot out giant laser beams from their eyes, shooting anyone (or thing) that walks in their path.

Just kidding! Riot is presumably saving that update for a later patch (like next year’s offseason changes).

On a more serious note, nothing has changed here with the Murk Wolves.

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It seems all of these jungle changes have pissed off at least someone. Gromp will now become enraged when players first attack him, dealing increased damage.

Gromp will also no longer poison enemies.


Talk about split personality disorder: The Krugs will no longer just stand there and take a beating. As players damage the Krugs, they will progressively split into smaller little rock formations.

One thing is certain: Don’t play rock, paper, scissors with these things.

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