LoL Worlds MVP Odds & Prediction: Who Will It Be?

Published: Nov 16, 2023 - Last Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Predicting who will be the final MVP for LoL Worlds 2023 is a tricky task. Not only are you predicting the best player, but also the team that will win the tournament. Of course, the players’ team needs to at least reach the final to have a chance at being MVP, but additionally, the award will almost certainly be given to a player on the winning team.

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Faker (T1)2+100
Zeus (T1)5.5+450
Gumayushi (T1)6.5+550
Oner (T1)7.5+650
Keria (T1)8.5+750
Xiaohu (WBG)13+1200
TheShy (WBG)13+1200
Light (WBG)16+1500
Crisp (WBG)29+2800
Weiwei (WBG)34+3300

Update: Grand Final MVP Analysis


With the grand final between T1 and Weibo Gaming lined up, we now have the remaining 10 candidates for the LoL Worlds 2023 final MVP.

Shockingly, none of the initial top candidates have made it to this stage.

  • JD Gaming players filled the top spots, however the Golden Road chasers were knocked out by T1 in a huge semi-finals upset.
  • Gen.G and LNG filled the rest of the top spots, though both failed to even reach the final four.

T1 is considered the clear favourite for the upcoming final, hence their lineup is all favoured for the MVP ahead of Weibo’s as the award can only go to a winning player. 

  • Mid laner Faker leads the way at 2.0 odds – the captain and talisman for T1 for a decade. He’s the world’s most famous player, arguably the greatest ever, and could easily be awarded MVP in the final for the storyline alone, ignoring actual performance levels.
  • Faker’s teammate Zeus comes in next at 5.5. He’s up against Weibo’s superstar top laner TheShy, so a T1 victory will almost certainly mean that Zeus stepped up if he has been able to stave off the former Invictus Gaming player.
  • Gumayusi (6.5), Oner (7.5) and Keria (8.5) come in next; the support is gets my nod with those odds. He’s been Faker’s second in command and his support marksman picks have struck fear into his opponents this year.

On Weibo’s side:

  • Veteran mid laner Xiaohu is tipped as their best candidate at 13.0. Like Faker, his storyline alone may be enough to give him an edge over his teammates given his international success (3x MSI titles) that still hasn’t included a Worlds trophy.
  • The aforementioned TheShy is in second at 13.0, another good shout given he’ll likely have a big impact on a possible Weibo victory.
  • Light (16.0), Crisp (29.0) and WeiWei (34.0) round out the MVP contenders.

LoL Worlds Odds provided by GG.Bet on Nov. 16.

Previous Analysis

Of the teams remaining, those deemed most likely to reach the final are JD Gaming, Gen.G and LNG Esports. Choosing who will win LoL Worlds 2023 of the three and my pick would have to go to Golden Road-chasing JDG – though they’ve all got a solid shot.

lol worlds mvp odds prediction

Ruler (3.5/+250)

Ruler is one of the stars of JDG and will play a big part in their success if they’re to clinch Worlds as so many expect. One of the all-time greats, he has slotted into the lineup seamlessly after switching from Gen.G and now has the best LoL Worlds MVP odds.

knight (5/+400)

‘The Golden Left Hand’ finally rose to international stardom with JDG’s MSI title after failing to clinch one of the major titles with strong Top Esports rosters in years prior. He was crowned finals MVP when JDG won MSI earlier this year and could very well do the same at Worlds.

Chovy (6.5/+550)

Right alongside knight in the ‘best mid-laner in the Worlds’ discussions is Chovy. He’s been in the discussion for years, however, he and his Gen.G squad have infamously failed to turn domestic success into international silverware. If they can finally make that final step then Chovy will have a huge part to play.

Peyz (7/+600)

Peyz has looked far beyond his years after more than living up to the expectations set by his predecessor Ruler. Like Chovy, Peyz will be a key part in any potential Worlds win for Gen.G and will have a solid chance at MVP if they are to lift the Summoner’s Cup.

Scout (11/+1000)

Scout is another mid who’s been at the top of his game for years with performances right up at knight and Chovy’s level. The biggest obstacle for him to become finals MVP, and the reason his LoL Worlds MVP Odds are below his opponents, is the fact that LNG appear slightly behind JDG and Gen.G as title favourites.

LoL Worlds MVP Prediction: knight

Despite his teammate Ruler being the favorite, I’d have to give it to The Golden Left Hand. He was deservedly crowned finals MVP when his team won MSI earlier in the year and he’s arguably the best player on the planet at this moment in time.

knight’s broad champion pool means that he cannot be neutralized – and god forbid a team allows one of his stronger picks through the draft then he’ll undoubtedly take over just as he did with his Jayce pick in the MSI finals.

Images: JDG, Riot

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