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Time For The NA LCS Mid-Season Awards, And The Winner Is …

League of Legends Awards
While we still have three weeks left to go in the NA LCS Summer Split, it’s time to take a look at what we’ve witnessed so far — awards style.

One League of Legends team will be taking home a lot of theoretical hardware (I’m sure you can guess which team that is), while some other awards aren’t quite as flattering. You can check it all out below, starting with team honors and then transitioning to individual accolades.

Team Honors

Best Team of The Split: Team SoloMid

Best record in the NA LCS? Check. Superstars at the carry positions? Check. Pieces to accommodate their superstars? Check. Yup, we’re talking about TSM.

TSM is currently the only undefeated team this split, dropping just three games while winning 24. They’re well on their way to the playoffs and a likely first seed. (Immortals still has some say in that, especially when they face off in the final week of the Summer Split).

TSM is deserving of this honor after what they experienced last split (more on that later). The only question remains, can they once again return to glory and win the NA LCS Summer Finals?

Worst Team of the Split: Echo Fox

Last week was the play-in game for Worst Team of the Split, featuring newcomers Phoenix1 versus a much-disparaged Echo Fox squad. Phoenix1 has visually improved every week, culminating in their second series win against Echo Fox. That left Echo Fox at 1-11 this split, receiving the distinguished honor of worst team in NA.

Echo Fox is essentially looking toward relegations now. This was a team that had some promise after the way they ended last split, but just hasn’t found the same momentum. They’ve been making the same mistakes all split (poor team communication, poor effort, and just poor synergy in team fights).

Froggen is still an elite player, but Echo Fox has proven that not even a great player can carry a team in disarray.

Rookie Team of the Split: Team Envy

Team Envy started this split with a bang, going 4-0 through the first two weeks of action. As the competition has elevated, the demands of a grueling split have weighed on them. Envy went 2-6 after that fast start, but they’re still in prime position to sneak out a playoff seed in their rookie split.

While Phoenix1 has improved lately, they’re still a bottom three team currently. Apex has looked better as well, but Envy still currently holds a slight edge over them. Envy will also end the split with favorable matchups against Echo Fox, Phoenix1, and NRG. That should be the tipping point for what has been a positive start for this organization.

Most Improved Team of the Split: Team SoloMid

TSM’s rejuvenated greatness has largely overshadowed just how narrowly they almost missed the playoffs last split. This is essentially the same team that finished 9-9 and in sixth place. There seemed to have been a wakeup call when the Spring Split Playoffs started, however.

After a surprising 3-0 sweep of Immortals, TSM lost a heartbreaking, five-game series against CLG. Then, the breakup between TSM and future Hall of Famer YellOwStaR ensued, but it was never a great fit to begin with. Enter Biofrost, a Korean rookie that TSM spent over a month looking for.

The addition of Biofrost has provided the chemistry that TSM was hoping to achieve with YellOwStaR last split. They’re now 24-3 in individual games and 12-0 in their series this split. I’d say that’s one heck of an improvement from last split.

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Individual Accolades

Most Valuable Player: Bjergsen

I thought this would be the split that Cloud9’s Jensen finally overcame Bjergsen. After watching their head-to-head matchup last week, I was wrong. Bjergsen is still the best player in the NA LCS.

Bjergsen currently has a ridiculous 9.0 CSPM and a godly 8.0 KDA (four points higher than Jensen — second to only Biofrost’s 9.5 KDA in the NA LCS). His 639 DPM is also second in the entire NA LCS.

Simply put, Bjergsen is still the same dominating player that we’ve grown to know.

Least Valuable Player: Piglet

Piglet’s arrogance and just lackluster interest in League of Legends betting has created a huge disconnect between him and the rest of Team Liquid. This is a former World Champion and a player Team Liquid wanted to draft a roster around.

Piglet has largely been supplanted by fabbyyy this split, and I’m pretty sure he’s on his way out of the NA LCS unless some desperate team takes a gamble on him. Regardless, this is a split Piglet will want to forget about.

Most Improved Player: Hauntzer

We’ve highlighted Hauntzer at length in our DFS lineups this year and it’s clear the growth he’s experienced from Spring Split to Summer Split. He’s played an integral part in TSM’s return to dominance as well.

When TSM first picked up Hauntzer to replace Dyrus last split, there were quite a few rumblings among TSM fans that this was a terrible choice. To compound matters, he didn’t look great at IEM: San Jose or when the Spring Split started.

Hauntzer currently holds the best KDA among top laners (4.9), His 558 DPM and 23.7 DMG% is also top two in the NA LCS. He’s earned the right to be labeled “Most Improved Player.”

Comeback Player: Meteos

After being replaced by Rush and taking a year off from professional play, Meteos and his new haircut was back in action this split. While he isn’t on the same level as Reignover or Dardoch, he’s provided plenty of value to Cloud9.

Meteos currently has the highest KDA among junglers (5.5), is top three in kills (68), and also second in assists (212). He provides a different sort of value to Cloud9 than Rush, but one that is just as important.

Rookie of the Split: Biofrost

What a find for TSM. Biofrost has gone from unknown to a household name in the NA LCS. He currently has the highest KDA in the NA LCS (9.5), the second most assists (277), and the least amount of deaths among players with 20+ games played.

It seems almost every series Biofrost is making a play that just makes you shake your head in disbelief. He’s had an amazing start to his career and will be a long-time starter in the NA LCS.

Coach of the Split: Weldon Green,Parth Naidu (TSM)

This is a one-two punch combo that TSM has in their coaching positions. Both coaches provide a unique aspect to TSM’s team that I will highlight below.

Weldon Green is the esport psychologist and head coach for TSM. His main focus is on the physiology, psychology, and motivation of the TSM players. That includes performance improvements, avoiding choking during high-pressure moments, and just the general mental aptitude of his players.

Parth Naidu is more of the analytical side of TSM’s coaching tree. He analyzes numbers, develops strategies, and focuses on the improvement of play on the rift for TSM players.

It’s clear that both of these individuals have played a pivotal role in the resurgence of TSM this split. Props to them and to TSM for a great Summer Split so far!

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