is BLAST Premier’s Newest Global Partner

Published: Jan 19, 2024

The tournament organizer BLAST Premier and the skin trading site have formed a partnership for the upcoming 2024 Counter-Strike season.

In BLAST Premier’s announcement, we learn that will be the tournament organizer’s Global Partner for the whole 2024 season, from the BLAST Spring Groups, starting in a couple of days, until the infamous BLAST World Final taking place in November.

As a result of the partnership, will be implemented in physical and digital broadcast segments, as well as social campaigns on various BLAST channels and social media platforms. Moreover, the trading platform will also have access to booth space at BLAST’s arena events, where they can engage with the community and share their product in an in-person environment.

Additionally, is set to host multiple skin giveaways throughout the year, giving members of the BLAST community a chance to win Counter-Strike cosmetics, while watching Premier events.

Here’s what BLAST’s Vice President of Distribution and Programming, Alexander Lewin had to say about the partnership:

“It’s a fantastic time for BLAST Premier after we recently announced the expansion into a 16 team tournament format, and now we are delighted to be bringing on board a popular skin trading site like for 2024. We are truly excited at the opportunities to integrate into our global tournament series that reaches 150+ territories in 27 languages around the world with arena events set to take place in exciting locations such as London and Copenhagen.”

The first event of the 2024 BLAST Premier circuit is set to begin shortly, as the BLAST Spring Groups will be kicking off on January 22, with some of the best CS2 teams in the world battling it out for a spot at the BLAST Spring Finals in London later this year.

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