Best Rocket League Players 2022


Since its beginning back in 2015, Rocket League has become more and more popular in the esports scene. The teams at Epic Games and Psyonix have created a fantastic competitive scene for their players. The game started with EU and NA competing for the world championship and is now host to 7 regions, including South America, Asia Pacific North, Asia Pacific South, and the Middle East and North Africa. At the London Major in July 2022, Falcons Esports became the first team outside of EU or NA to make it to the grand finals of an RLCS major. In recent times, Rocket League has become one of the best esports games. It is never easy to create a list of the best players in Rocket League as a lot of it comes down to opinion. We know that we may have missed your favourite player or chosen someone you may not agree with. You should know that more than 10 players were considered for this list, but these are our 10 best Rocket League players.

Who are the best Rocket League players in 2022?

1. M0nkey M00n (Team BDS)

best rocket league player 2022 monkey moon
Credit: BDS Team

Evan “M0nkey M00n” Rogez is for sure the Rocket League player of 2022, and possibly one of the best of all time. Since back in Season 9 of the European Rival Series and the Rival Series as a whole, M0nkey showed he was at the top. As of 2022, he has been playing professionally for around 4 years now. He is definitely the glue holding BDS together and made them one of the best Rocket League teams. It also bears mentioning that this offensive initiator and defensive mastermind is just 19 years old. M0nkey M00n had seen regional success and won his share of RLCS majors, but never a world championship. Most recently M0nkey M00n completed his list by winning the RLCS 2021/22 world championship.

2. Vatira (Moist Esports)

Vatira rocket league
Credit: Rocket League Esports/Twitter

Axel “Vatira” Touret is a young up and coming French Rocket League player. Vatira is definitely in consideration for being the best rl player 2022. Being just 16 years old, Vatira is one of the youngest current Rocket League pros playing in one of the youngest Rocket League rosters. Since Moist signed the former Team Queso trio, Vatira has shown how good of a player he is. With a 2nd place finish at the Winter major followed by their first big win at the Spring major Vatira is really cementing his place as one of the best Rocket League players out there.

3. Jstn (NRG Esports)

Credit: © Liquipedia

Justin “JSTN” Morales is one of the most mechanically minded players out there and perhaps one of, if not the most consistent. This 20 year old is the proud owner of one of the best and most iconic goals in Rocket League history.  The RLCS Season 5 grand finals 0 second goal to force overtime. When we mention consistency, this does not mean his plays are boring, in fact it is the complete opposite. Jstn is one of the most flashy and mechanical players there is. If you ever wanted to get a friend interested in Rocket League esports, we would recommend sending them a compilation of Jstn’s flashy gameplay and goals. If you want a showoff and a fantastic player, make sure you check Jstn out.

4. Alpha54 (Team Vitality)

Best Rocket League Players
Credit: © Liquipedia

Another top player from the European region, Yanis “Alpha54” Champenois is operating on the same level as M0nkey M00n when it comes to offensive play. The only reason he’s not further up the list is his defence. He is possibly the best striker in the league. If you want a player who can make a shot on goal from anywhere on the field, Alpha54 is your guy. Sometimes you can only choose speed of precision, with Alpha54, you get both. His use of the standard air roll makes him stand out from the crowd so make sure to check him out.

5. Extra (Team BDS)

Credit: © BDS Team

This slippery Frenchman is the king of the clutch. You can always count on Alex “Extra” Paoli to bring it when it counts and consistently support his teammates on the field. He had a rocky start to his career after going 0-9 at AS Monaco. Despite the failures on the team, he still shined on the pitch. Everyone else noticed and he was quickly picked up by Team BDS. He is now part of one of the, if not the best team in Rocket League right now. Extra is the current world champion along with his teammates M0nkey M00n and Seiko. If you see Team BDS coming in any Rocket League tournaments, your best chance is to start running and don’t look back.

6. AztraL (Karmine Korps)

Credit: ©

Absolutely one of the top 5 Rocket League players in Europe, Maëllo “Aztral” Ernst recent poor play kept him slightly lower on this list than we would have wanted. He was awarded MVP of Season 9 and during his stint with Dignitas he carried them to their first-place finish over Renault Vitality in the Season 9 Regional Championships. The fact he carried his team to victory over Renault Vitality, widely regarded as the best team at the time, speaks volumes to his ability as a solo player and his willingness to bring his teammates up with him.

7. Ahmad (Team Falcons)

Ahmad "Ahmad" Abdullah Best RL Player 2022
Credit: Michal Konkol

Ahmad “Ahmad” Abdullah is the first player to join the ranks from outside of the 2 major regions. Ahmad has been around as long as he possibly could have, ever since he was on Sandrock Gaming with oKhaliD and Senzo they were pushing into the competitive scene even before MENA was a region able to compete. Since joining Team Falcons, Ahmad was part of the first roster outside of EU or NA to make it to the grand finals of a RLCS major. Not just this, but Ahmad was one of the most stand out players at the event.

8. yanxnz (Furia)

yanxnz rocket league
Credit: FURIA/Twitter

Similar to Ahmad, Yan “yanxnz” Xisto Nolasco is also from outside the 2 major regions. Yanxnz has shown he is a mechanical god. After their top performance at both the Spring Major and World Championship, Furia have cemented themselves as one of the top teams in Rocket League. Not only this, but the Gamers8 LAN in Saudi Arabia. Furia went on to win the LAN becoming one of the highest earning teams this year and top 6 of all time. At this event, Yanxnz showed how much of a good team player he is but also that he is a top 2’s and 1’s player as well.

9. GarrettG (NRG Esports)

Credit: Liquipedia

An all-round great player, he has fantastic defensive and offensive capabilities. Where he really shines, however, is his ability to captain a team. His spirit and general likeableness makes it impossible to leave him off the list. For such a relatively new game and esports scene, Garrett “GarrettG” Gordon can confidently call himself a Rocket League veteran. GarretG is the only player to have played in every RLCS world championship since the league’s inception and won it in season 8.

10. Turbopolsa (OpTic Gaming)

Turbopolsa Rocket League Player
Credit: © Liquipedia

Pierre “Turbopolsa” Silfver is a winner clean and simple. If you want some good Rocket League odds, just bet on the team with Turbopolsa. He isn’t the flashiest player or the most mechanically minded, but he gets wins. He has won RLCS World Titles four times total and despite some rocky play in Season 9, he is back to his confident and dominant self in Season X. He may never have been the best in the world when it comes to flashy moves or deft play, but he will make sure that whatever team he is playing for wins.

Who do you think is the best RL player in 2022?

There is one thing that shines above everything else when it comes to the best Rocket League players that we listed above, mechanical skill. They took the time to master the fundamentals of the game, but anyone can do that. What it took to get on this list was the ability to do something special with those skills. Some players dominated the entire field, others were more defensive, and some held up the mentality of their entire team, while others played support roles.