Unlocking the Best Tekken Odds – Tracker and Guide


The world of fighting games is no short of competition. There is so much going on each year, ranging from Evo, CEO, Red Bull Kumite, World Tour, and much more. This, in turn, has created a constant pool for the ever-growing betting community, especially around one of the fighting games; Tekken.

This article sheds more light on the Tekken pro scene, the betting scene, and who you should place your bets on. After all, we all want to be winners here, and as the best Tekken players claim their winning prices, this is to make sure you’re in on the winnings too.

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Tekken Betting Odds Tracker

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History of Tekken

This is a little history lesson on Tekken, especially for our betting fans without prior knowledge. A little information goes a long way, after all.

Tekken remains one of the top-ranked fighting games and for good reason. It hails from the 90s when it established itself as the peak standard for fighting games. It all began with the arcade version and an eventual port to the consoles a year later on the PlayStation 2 with more Tekken characters and improved gameplay making it experience a popularity boom with its sequel Tekken 2.

Fast forward several years, and the Tekken community boasts of being one of the largest gaming communities, including its betting market. Breaking past its Japanese borders into the rest of the world, becoming a massive brand that many want to associate with, making it a hub for both gamers and non-gamers alike, with Tekken 7 being Namco Bandai’s biggest Tekken project yet.

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Which Tekken Tournaments to Bet on

The possibilities are endless when it comes to your betting options in Tekken. Being a global brand, Tekken has many tournaments throughout the year that grants viewers or players the opportunity to bet on their favourite to-win players, whether large-scale or small scale here are two of Tekken’s biggest tournament as betting choices at your disposal.

  • EVO – Starting off with the giant of fighting game tournaments, the Hub world for all pro fighting game players. Evolution(Evo) is the temple for all fighting gamers, only the biggest, toughest annual tournament. With that said, Tekken is one of the main lineups for this tournament. Happening once a year, many esports betting sites would hop on this train as it is the most hype tournament all year round as many people travel across the world in troves to participate or view Evo live, so it’s definitely a good place to place your esports betting odds as the cash out would be generous.
  • Tekken World Tour – Mainly sponsored by Namco Bandai, this is most likely Tekken’s biggest tournament with the highest Tekken odds all year round, and that’s because it’s mainly about the Tekken community, Namco Bandai’s way of giving back to their lovely fanbase. This is a regionals-type format followed by finals that host the most competitive scene for Tekken worldwide; many would say it’s a tournament for the try-hards, and they aren’t wrong.

Best Tekken Players in The World

Over the years, Tekken 7 has seen the best Tekken players come and stay. Tekken 7 is known to be completely dominated by the Korean scene, with a few highly-ranked players from other regions putting in the work.

The pro scene had a rather stagnant player base as the best remained the best through the years until 2019 when a huge upset was made by our number 1 on this list.

Here’s a list of the Top 3 high odds pro players.

1. Super Akouma

A recent addition to the Tekken pro scene, this Pakistani Tekken 7 player also joined the pro scene in 2019 and has only been making waves since then; going up against the best of the best, you would always catch him at the scene causing an upset.

2. Knee

Known to be one of the oldest pro-Tekken players still competing, many esports betting sites have very high odds on him, so he is worth every bet.

3. Arslan Ash

Currently known as the best Tekken player on the planet, Arlan Ash has maintained the highest Tekken odds since his dramatic debut at Evo 2019, taking the victory and winning 2 more Evo titles, making him the most decorated Tekken player. You definitely can go wrong with that.

Do make sure to stay updated on your Tekken pro scene so as to improve your chances as a bigger cashout.

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Best sites to make your Tekken bets

Here is a list of websites to simplify your Tekken betting; these sites also offer attractive deals, competitive odds, and a wide range of language options, so everyone is on it.


With Tekken 8 soon to be released, there is even more on the way for our gaming and betting fans out there in the Tekken community, as Tekken 8 is sure to garner even more popularity than its predecessor. Do stay tuned.


How to bet on Tekken Odds?

Betting on Tekken odds is easy. Head on over to our list of best esports betting sites and pick one that has the most appealing Tekken markets. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start betting.

When is the best time to bet on Tekken odds?

The best time to bet on Tekken odds is during some of the major Tekken tournaments such as EVO and Tekken World Tour. This is when the hype for Tekken is at its peak.