CBLoL Academy Betting Guide 2023: Betting Sites, Teams & Predictions

Posted on July 25, 2023

Ever since 2017, the CBLoL Academy league has developed young talent, offering an official path to Tier 1 League of Legends for amateurs. Now entering a sixth split, CBLoL Academy betting is a fantastic opportunity for anyone interested in esports betting – read on for some CBLoL Academy betting tips!

Top CBLoL Academy Betting Sites for 2023

Event Overview

Featuring a number of splits every season, as outlined below, the CBLoL Academy 2023 Split 2 Regular Season is an ongoing League of Legends betting opportunity at the time of writing.

Here’s a quick overview of CBLoL Academy 2023 Split 2 Season:

SeriesCBLoL Academy
FormatDouble Round Robin
Prize PoolR$ 29,000 Brazilian Reais
Dates12th June - 8th August 2023
SeedsTop 6 - Playoffs

For the top-level Brazilian LoL League see: CB LoL Betting

CBLoL Academy Betting – Teams & Format

Similar to other League of Legends regional leagues, the season is split into Spring and Summer Splits.

Each Split consists of a double round-robin Regular Season featuring all of the teams. For CBLoL Academy, a standard of ten teams compete to defy the LoL odds.

From each Regular Season, after all the BO1 matches are concluded online, only the very best move on to the Split Playoffs. Typically, the top six teams move on to the CBLOL Academy Split Playoffs.

Here are the competing CBLoL Academy teams for the 2023 season:

  • Los Grandes Academy
  • Fluxo Academy
  • FURIA Academy
  • INTZ Academy
  • KaBuM! Academy
  • Liberty Academy
  • Vivo Keyd Stars Academy
  • LOUD Academy
  • RED Academy
  • paiN Gaming Academy

Once in the CBLoL Academy Split 2 Playoffs, taking place between 14th August and 2nd September, a double elimination bracket will crown a new season champion prior to the off-season break.

Notably, for 2023, a R$ 96,000 Brazilian Reais prize pool is up for grabs and the Split Playoffs remain the best esports betting opportunity for thie competition.

CBLoL Academy Split 2 2023 Schedule

With regards to the CBLoL Academy schedule, let’s take a look at the final week (Week 9) of the CBLoL Academy Split 2 as an example:

7th August 2023

  • FURIA Academy vs Vivo Keyd Stars Academy (22:00 CEST)
  • paiN Gaming Academy vs Liberty Academy (23:00 CEST)

8th August 2023

  • INTZ Academy vs LOUD Academy (00:00 CEST)
  • RED Academy vs Los Grandes Academy (01:00 CEST)
  • Fluxo Academy vs KaBuM! Academy (02:00 CEST)
  • Los Grandes Academy vs LOUD Academy (22:00 CEST)
  • INTZ Academy vs Fluxo Academy (23:00 CEST)

9th August 2023

  • Liberty Academy vs FURIA Academy (00:00 CEST)
  • KaBuM! Academy vs paiN Gaming Academy (01:00 CEST)
  • Vivo Keyd Stars Academy vs RED Academy (02:00 CEST)

For an updated schedule, we recommend tuning into the social media pages and official sites associated with CBLoL Academy.

CBLoL Academy Odds & Markets

CBLoL Academy Betting Guide

Although this may be a Tier 2 LoL competition, the popularity of LoL lends itself to having similar betting opportunities in the lower tiers also. While the tournaments may not be as prized and viewed compared to Tier 1, there’s typically more competition to bet on.

Just in case you’ve forgotten what betting markets are available, there are two types to consider.

First, there are standard bets. Boasting the advantages of being easy to understand, and requiring only basic knowledge, bets such as outright tournament, match or map odds involve esports bookmakers providing simple outcome odds.

These odds may or may not be balanced by handicap betting to help keep unbalanced matches open to betting.

For those with a more niche taste for LoL betting, special bets are for you. Offering the opportunity to bet on in-game events such as First Baron/Dragon Slayed, a critical understanding of teams and in-game mechanics is needed to bet here.

Beyond knowing the betting markets, we always recommend using only the most reliable League of Legends betting sites.

Winners of CBLoL Academy

Demonstrating a long history, below find a list of champions over the past few seasons. Listed are the winners of the respective Split Playoffs, where the stakes are highest:

SeasonSplit 1 WinnersSplit 2 Winners
2023Vivo Keyd Stars AcademyTBD
2022Flamengo AcademypaiN Gaming Academy
2021Flamengo AcademyFlamengo Academy
2020Santos e-SportsRED Canids
2019paiN GamingProGaming Esports
2018IDM GamingRedemption eSports POA
2017T ShowKaBuM! Esports

CBLoL Academy Split 2 – Predictions

Naturally, statistics from years back are somewhat untimely for current predictions. While the competition is underway, only the top 6 will qualify for the CBLoL Academy Split 2 Playoffs.

For contextual LoL predictions,  here are the top 6 teams from earlier in the season, at the CBLoL Academy Split 1 tournament:

  1. Vivo Keyd Stars Academy
  2. Los Grandes Academy
  3. INTZ Academy
  4. KaBuM! Academy
  5. FURIA Academy
  6. RED Academy

Be sure to always consult the most recent results for your LoL betting.

How to Watch the CBLoL Academy Split 2

Available on streaming platforms such as Twitch, here’s a direct look at the broadcast to watch LoL esports.

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