IEM Rio Major 2022 Betting Guide: Odds, Schedule, Format & More


IEM Rio 2023 betting guide

The betting guide below refers to the IEM Rio Major held in final months of 2022.

Between the 31st of October and the 13th of November, twenty-four of the world’s greatest CSGO teams will descend upon Rio de Janeiro. They’ll be competing at the IEM Rio Major 2022, a top-tier CSGO tournament that boasts a staggering prize pool worth some $1.25m. Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at that tournament, identifying the best betting opportunities and breaking down the schedule. If you’re gambling on this event, be sure to check out our IEM Rio Major 2022 betting guide.

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IEM Rio Major 2022 Schedule and Format

It was revealed just days ago that the BBC is putting together an exclusive documentary focused on the IEM Rio Major. It’s a great exposure piece that will further highlight the power of CSGO esports, and it makes this event all that much more exciting for everyone involved. This is one of the few remaining events in the 2022 calendar, and it’s one of the biggest CSGO tournaments of the year.

So, read on to take full advantage of our IEM Rio Major 2022 betting guide.

iem rio major 2022 betting guide
Image Credit: ESL Gaming

If you’re going to bet on CSGO, you couldn’t have picked a better tournament with which to do so. There’s a staggering amount of talent taking to the stage during this upcoming two-week period, and, for a relatively short-form event, it promises to be an intense affair. As usual, this event boasts a three-stage format, which is quite simple to understand and even easier to enjoy. Here’s the breakdown of the IEM Rio Major schedule, format included:

The Challengers Stage (Oct. 31st – Nov. 3rd)

  • Swiss system format
  • 16 teams fighting for the top eight positions, with the bottom eight being eliminated

The Legends Stage (Nov. 5th – Nov. 8th)

  • Swiss system format
  • 16 teams fighting for the top eight positions, with the bottom eight being eliminated

The Champions Stage (Nov. 10th – Nov. 13th)

  • Single-elimination
  • best-of-three bracket to decide the ultimate winner

For this event (and other CSGO tournaments), teams are split up into three tiers – Legends, Challengers, and Contenders. This division of competitors essentially determines at which stage the respective team enters the tournament. For instance, none of the Legends organisations needs to compete in The Challengers Stage.

This is a high-stakes tournament, despite being a relatively short one. There’s a huge amount on the line for the teams competing, and the CSGO odds are hotter than ever. Here’s the breakdown of the prize pool that’s at stake:

  • 1st Place: $500,000 and qualification to IEM Katowice 2023 and the BLAST Premier Final 2022.
  • 2nd Place: $170,000
  • 3rd – 4th Place: $80,000
  • 5th – 8th Place: $45,000

IEM Rio Major 2022 Teams

iem rio major 2022 betting guide teams
FaZe Clan stood victorious at the last CSGO Major in Antwerp (Image Credit: PGL)

This wouldn’t be an effective IEM Rio Major 2022 betting guide if we didn’t talk about the teams. There are twenty-four organisations stepping up to the plate in Rio de Janeiro, and any one of them has at least a small chance of winning the entire event. There are expectations in place, of course, but there’s every opportunity for an underdog team to surprise everyone in attendance and snatch the grand prize out from under the noses of the big dogs.

For the top CSGO betting sites out there, the odds are already in place – at least, regarding the outright winner for the entire event. It’s one of the easiest CSGO betting markets to play, requiring very little knowledge other than the form that the team itself is in. Here’s the full breakdown of the IEM Rio Major 2022 teams competing at the tournament, complete with their respective CSGO odds:

Odds supplied by Betway Esports on October 28, 2022:


  • FaZe Clan (4.75), Natus Vincere (5.25), Ninjas in Pyjamas (13.00), ENCE (13.00), Sprout (33.00), Heroic (9.00), Team Spirit (31.00), Team Liquid (11.00)


  • OG (17.00), Team Vitality (5.75), Evil Geniuses (101.00), Cloud9 (8.00), BIG (51.00), Bad News Eagles (101.00), MOUZ (17.00), 9z Team (201.00)


  • Team GamerLegion (151.00), Outsiders (26.00), 00 Nation (61.00), FURIA Esports (13.00), Fnatic (21.00), IHC Esports (201.00), Imperial Esports (31.00), Grayhound Gaming (251.00)

At the time of writing this IEM Rio Major 2022 betting guide, these CSGO odds are accurate, but of course, they’re always subject to change or differ from platform to platform.

IEM Rio Major 2022 Predictions

At the top of the power rankings, and the bookmakers’ favourite, sits FaZe Clan. It has been a remarkable year for FaZe, an organisation that has gone from strength to strength in the world of CSGO. They’re the team to beat, and going into the IEM Rio Major, they’re ready for action, boast some serious top-notch team chemistry, and their morale is through the roof. At the heart of this IEM Rio Major 2022 betting guide should be a top tip on which team to bet on, and we’re stacking our chips in FaZe Clan’s favour.

Behind FaZe Clan, the next most obvious choice would be Natus Vincere. As a legendary organisation, Na’Vi is possibly the most successful CSGO team in history, and the squad is no stranger to a Major stage. It’s a constant story of success for Natus Vincere, and the team will certainly give FaZe Clan a run for its money once this tournament kicks off. If you’re not too eager to back FaZe Clan, consider investing your money in Natus Vincere.

If you’re seeking more of an underdog bet, then there are plenty of teams outside of the Legends grouping that are worthy of your wagers. For instance, Vitality, Cloud9, and OG are all frontrunners for the category of the ultimate underdog side poised and ready to snatch the trophy. In reality, almost every team has the opportunity to win big at this event – even if it’s an outsider opportunity.

IEM Rio Major 2022 Betting Tips

It’s our hope that you’ll walk away from this IEM Rio Major 2022 betting guide feeling a little more confident about your wagers. However, we’ll wrap up our guide with some top-tier tips that’ll equip you with what you need to bet with confidence on this CSGO tournament.

  1. Make sure you bet with a reputable platform. If you’re using the likes of esports or Thunderpick esports for your IEM Rio Major bets, you’ll find yourself off to a flying start. There are several top-tier esports betting platforms, and these are two of the best in the business.
  2. Take advantage of special offers. On the best betting platforms, offers, promotions, and bonuses are often put in place to celebrate a major event like the IEM Rio Major. If there are any promotions that boost your odds when betting on this tournament, make sure you take full advantage of them.
  3. Bet with a strategy in mind. Don’t just bet blindly – have something of a plan, a budget, and the desired team to back, if possible. If you’ve not got a clue what you’re betting on, you’re relying on sheer luck, and that’s certainly not a good CSGO betting strategy.

Ultimately, remember to have fun with the IEM Rio Major 2022 tournament, tune into the gameplay, and, as always, bet responsibly.