CSGO Betting Sites: The Best Gambling Sites in 2023

Last Updated: March 22, 2023

Find out which are the best CSGO gambling sites available today. What is it that makes these CSGO betting sites thrive in a popular and growing industry? In this guide, we take a look at everything you need to know about how to choose a site, the types of CSGO sites for betting and more. Scroll down to discover the best CS:GO betting sites for 2023 now.

The Best CSGO Betting Sites of 2023

Bonus Offer
Editor Rating
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGHearthstoneSmiteWarcraft 3
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaFortniteRocket LeagueHearthstoneKOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyKOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyPUBG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGRocket LeagueHearthstoneKOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2Call of DutyFifaRocket LeagueKOG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2Overwatch
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBG
LoLCS:GODOTA 2OverwatchStarcraft 2Call of DutyFifaPUBGRocket LeagueHearthstoneKOG

How to Choose the Best CSGO Gambling Site

As you can see, betting on CS:GO does require a bit of planning and there are steps you can take to ensure you choose the best site for all your CS:GO gambling needs. These include:

  1. Only choose a site that is legal, licensed and regulated in your region.
  2. Check out what the payment processing times are for your chosen site for both deposits (which should be instant) and withdrawals (which should be no longer than 5 days).
  3. Select a site that offers an extensive range of esports bets across a wide range of markets, not just for CS:GO betting.
  4. Check out the promotions available on the site, especially the Welcome Bonus for new players as this can be a great source of additional funds to play with.
  5. Customer support services are vital, so check your site has easily accessible customer support services, ideally by Live Chat and/or phone as well as email.

The Different Types of CSGO Sites for Betting

Wagering on CSGO can be very simple, especially if you use any of the licensed and regulated CS:GO betting sites listed above. However, there are also some CS:GO sites for betting where the legality surrounding them is much less clear, in particular those sites that offer CSGO skins gambling.

Let’s take a look at the different types of CSGO betting sites available online:

1. Real Money CS:GO Gambling Sites 2023

CSGO sites for betting with real money are by far the most common and safest way for online gambling. Check out the reviews of the following sites that offer a wide range of bets on CSGO tournaments across the world:


This form of betting is the safest as these operators are all licensed and regulated to operate in their respective markets, which offers you the greatest level of security when visiting and betting on CS:GO gambling sites.

One thing to check when you sign up is that some sites will only offer you a welcome bonus if you input one of a number of potential esports bonus codes when you sign up. It is worth checking if this is the case with any of the CS:GO betting sites you may consider joining as you won’t want to miss out on your starter bonus!


2. Fantasy CS:GO Betting Sites

Given how popular fantasy sports gaming has become over the last 20 years, there is now a burgeoning interest in fantasy esports and CSGO is one of the most popular titles in this particular form of betting.

In this type of gaming, players pay a stake to enter a pool and then create their own Fantasy CSGO team for a specified tournament or event. Their team of players earn points through their performance in the event, as is the case in traditional fantasy sports, and at the end, the highest scoring teams can earn winnings based on their team’s performance compared to others and the size of the prize pool for that fantasy esports event.

There are not too many fantasy CSGO gambling sites around, but DraftKings is a great place to start.

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3. CSGO Sites for Betting with Skins

We are now entering a somewhat ‘grey’ area when it comes to CSGO betting sites and that is concerned with the gambling of in-game collectable items, or ‘skins’ as they are known.

When Valve made in-game collectables tradeable, it set up a system where different skins were valued depending on their availability in the game. Some skins were easy to earn and were much cheaper than skins that were much rarer or much more difficult to earn.

This soon led to a proliferation of illegal CS:GO skin gambling sites being set up, in breach of Valve and Steam’s terms and conditions, and many players lost high-value skins to these unscrupulous sites.

However, there is now a safer and more secure alternative. You can now bet using skins on various real-money betting sites thanks to the advent of betting with Skinpay.

4. Licensed CS:GO Betting Sites accepting Skinpay

Skinpay betting via Crypto

Skinpay betting allows you to visit the CS:GO betting sites that offer this service and deposit any of the skins you have earned from playing CSGO from your Steam account into an exchange. This will then give you a valuation for your skins, which is then paid to you in the form of cryptocurrency.

You can then use crypto to bet on the sites, though of course, you will need a crypto wallet to be able to bet in this way.

However, what you should note is that when you make a withdrawal, your crypto balance will be exchanged back into skins. This is not a particularly popular or satisfying form of Skinpay betting for CSGO fans and you should be aware that this is the model many unscrupulous or unregulated betting sites have used.

Skinpay betting via real cash

A better option is to use Skinpay legitimately by wagering on sites where you can exchange your skins for real money, which you then use to place bets. You are offered a cash value for your traded skins when you deposit them into your account and if you accept the offer, the skins are sold and the money transferred into your balance.

These are the best type of CSGO sites for betting with skins as not only do some trusted operators offer this as shown in our list above, but it also means that when you go to withdraw your funds, you can receive them as cash, rather than skins.

5. CSGO Skin Trading Sites

Alongside the Skinpay betting sites, there are two types of skin trading sites players can access where they can trade skins for either cryptocurrency or cash. Of the two types, the cash option is by far the safest of the two.

It should be noted that many of these sites are unregulated or licensed offshore, so we always advise you to stick to licensed and regulated sites, such as the best CSGO betting sites listed at the top of this section.


6. CSGO Casinos

Did you know that esports casino games are now very much an attraction at a variety of sites? Sites like Betway have developed their own casino games based on esports. A good example of this is the Ninjas in Pyjamas game, which is essentially one of the first CSGO slot games to hit casinos.

Other games that have a CSGO theme include:

So as you can see, you can choose from many of the best CSGO betting sites available, as well as other types of free CSGO gambling sites. However, keep your wits about yourself when it comes to Skin betting and stick to the regulated and licensed CS:GO betting sites and you can’t go far wrong.

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Tournaments and Prize Pools

One of the most exciting aspects of the CSGO gaming industry is the sheer wealth of tournaments on offer. Every week there are usually one or more tournaments available for punters to bet on or tune in to watch.

The top-level CSGO events are the Valve-sponsored events,  such as the PGL Major, ESL One and Intel Extreme Masters and the S-Tier events, which include items such as the ESL Pro League, BLAST Premier, DreamHack and cs_summit tournaments.

These are the events that attract the top professional teams who recruit the best CSGO players in the world to compete for them in these premium tournaments and qualifiers.

Outside these premier events, there are a huge number of A, B and C-tier events which are competed for on a weekly basis.

Prize pools can range from $2,000,000 for the biggest events, such as the PGL Majors, down to just a few hundred or thousand dollars (or currency equivalent) for the lower B and C tier events.


Gaining an Edge with CSGO Gambling Sites 2023

The quickest way to gain an edge when betting on CSGO is to immerse yourself in the game and acquire knowledge about how it works, the top teams, tournaments and betting options. The best ways to learn about the game include:

  1. Playing CSGO for yourself to see how it works and how the game shapes up. You will find some useful tips on improving your game in our guide on how to get better at CSGO.
  2. Watching professional streamers stream their games of CSGO live on Twitch, or their YouTube channels.
  3. Watch Tournaments – Head over to Liquipedia for a full schedule of CSGO tournaments and results of events. This is also a great site to do a little research about the various top CSGO teams you may wish to bet on as it is a huge database of esports tournament results.
  4. Play Esports Fantasy games on DraftKings – Even though you may not like Fantasy Sports, playing CSGO fantasy sports on DraftKings is a great way to understand some of the nuances of the game and its players.
  5. Check the markets – The top CS:GO betting sites should offer a range of markets for the big CSGO tournaments. Check these different markets out to find the best value bets available on the event.

Live Odds from the Best CSGO Betting Sites

Date & Tournament
Teams & Odds
Bet Now
American Odds Format:
24/03/2023 12:35 UTC
TS Cup
24/03/2023 13:30 UTC
TS Cup
24/03/2023 14:00 UTC
CCT South America
paiN Academy
Power Rangers
Last Updated: 24/03/2023 - 13:00 UTC

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CSGO Betting Sites FAQs

All the CSGO betting sites that we have mentioned in this guide and which we feature on our site are completely legit. Other sites that also offer different types of esports and/or sports betting are also legally operating too. However, don’t be fooled by the small number of illegal CS:GO skin betting sites that also operate. These are not regulated and are illegal.

Yes, there are a large number of sites that now offer CSGO betting across a huge number of tournaments. You can also find CSGO-themed casino games, Fantasy Sports and even Skin Gambling and Skin Trading sites, although we’d advise you to be very careful with these two types of betting as some sites are not legal, regulated or licensed.

Yes, if you visit any of our top esports betting sites listed on our site, you can bet and win real money on CSGO tournaments every day of the year, if you are lucky enough.

At the moment, you can find PayPal as a payment option at both Betway and bet365

You can use cryptocurrency at sites such as Loot.bet, Bitcasino, Sportsbet.io and GG.bet to bet on CSGO and other esports.

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