StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 – Betting Guide, Odds and Free Tips

Posted on August 2, 2019 - Last Updated on October 13, 2021

Starladder Berlin Major 2019
The StarLadder Berlin Major is the pinnacle of 2019’s Counter Strike tournaments, and we’ve got some great Berlin Major CSGO betting tips to help you back a winner on this epic esports contest. Whether you’re backing a favourite like Team Liquid, or prefer to take your chances on an underdog such as CR4ZY, then you’re going to need to do some research ahead of the main event.

This year, the Berlin Major takes place at the Mercedes Benz Arena. The contest will see a series of CS:GO matches that take place between 23 August and 5 September 2019. The overall prize pool of the 2019 Berlin Major will be a very respectable $1 million. The winning team will get $500,000, and the following seven teams will get amounts that range from $150,000 for second place to $35,000 for the eight-placed side.

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The Counter-Strike tournament is widely expected to be one of the biggest esports competitions of 2019. Alongside the 14,000 gaming fans inside the stadium, there will be many more millions watching online at streaming sites such as Twitch.

If you want to add some excitement to your streaming, then you’ll find many of the biggest esports betting sites like

Betway site,

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will be offering odds for this massive CSGO tournament. So keep reading to see whether your favourite CS:GO team is in the running to win the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019.

StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 tournament format

The Berlin Major 2019 will feature 24 teams who have battled through a series of CSGO clashes throughout the current season. Over the two weeks of gaming action, we’ll see teams competing in the Challengers Stage and the Legends Stage.

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The Challengers Stage takes place first and it will include sixteen teams. Five of these teams will be Returning Challengers who performed well at the IEM Katowice Major but failed to automatically qualify for the Berlin Major Legends Stage. Here are the Returning Challengers:

• Complexity
• G2 Esports
• HellRaisers
• Avangar
• Vitality

The other eleven teams in the Berlin Major Challengers Stage are those who managed to successfully get through the relevant Minors. Whilst many of these teams will be underdogs, that doesn’t stop them having just a good a chance of claiming the Berlin Major. Here’s a quick rundown of the Minor Challengers:

• Intz
• North
• DreamEaters
• Tyloo
• Syman Gaming
• Furia
• Grayhound Gaming
• ForZe
• NRG Esports
• Mousesports

Most gaming fans will be backing one of the Legends Stage teams to win the Berlin Major 2019. These are the teams who managed to put in a strong performance at the recent IEM Katowice Major and book their place in Berlin. Here are the eight teams that make up the Berlin Major Legends Stage.

• Ninjas in Pyjamas
• Renegades
• Team Liquid
• FaZe Clan
• Natus Vincere
• Astralis

The Berlin Major 2019 Challengers Stage runs from 23 to 26 August. The top eight teams in the Challengers stage will then go through to the New Legends Stage whilst the bottom eight teams will be eliminated.

The New Legends Stage features matches that take place between the remaining 16 teams. The matches run from 28 and 1 September and only the eight best-placed teams will make it through to the New Champions Stage.

The New Champions Stage takes place between 5 and 8 September and it is a single-elimination bracket with quarter-finals, semi-finals and the grand final itself. All of these matches are best-of-three Counter Strike matches.

StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 betting tips

As Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the world’s most popular esports, then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem in finding an esports betting site who gives you great odds for the 2019 Berlin Major.

But all experienced betting fans will know that it’s only by shopping around to make sure that you get the best odds on the market that you are going to get real value with your CS:GO bets. Be sure to take a look at what all of the bookmakers featured on our site are offering for the 2019 Berlin Major before you lay your money down.

But just to give you a broad overview of how this CS:GO tournament is shaping up, here are the current Berlin Major 2019 outright winner betting odds from Betway.

  • Team Liquid 2.75
  • Astralis 4.50
  • Natus Vincere 7.00
  • ENCE 8.00
  • FaZe Clan 13.00
  • FURIA 17.00
  • G2 Esports 17.00
  • MIBR 21.00
  • Mousesports 21.00
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 21.00
  • NRG Esports 21.00
  • Avangar 34.00
  • CR4ZY 34.00
  • Team North 34.00
  • HellRaisers 51.00
  • Renegades 51.00
  • Complexity 101.00
  • Grayhound Gaming 151.00
  • ForZe 251.00
  • Intz 251.00
  • Tyloo 251.00
  • DreamEaters 501.00
  • Syman Gaming 501.00

Team Liquid have had a fantastic year, and it’s no surprise to find that Betway has them down as favourites to win the Berlin Major 2019. With gaming legends like nitr0, NAF and EliGE in their ranks, it wasn’t surprising that Team Liquid excelled at tournaments such as the DreamHack Masters Dallas, ESL One Cologne and IEM Chicago 2019.

At the moment both Betway and Unikrn have Team Liquid down to win the Berlin Major 2019 at odds of 2.75 which might not give you a decent return from your bets. Whilst it might be tempting to get a better profit by backing Astralis, it’s important to remember that this Danish team have had a shocking year so far.

Whilst Astralis dominated 2018, it seems that most of their competitors have figured out their game-plan and the team were lucky to make the Legends Stage. So if you want to back a dark horse, then Natus Vincere’s odds of 7.00 could be worth a look. This team have benefitted from a few changes in their line-up recently, and we could see them repeating their ESL Cologne 2018 win.

But if you really fancied backing an outsider, then keep an eye on Mousesports. This team are currently on odds of 21.00, and their well-organised team and tough shooting could see them causing a big upset at the 2019 Berlin Major.

To have a deeper insight, read also our CS:GO betting site article.

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