Dota 2 Heroes at The International


Heroes are essential to Dota 2 TI 2022, Valve’s multiplayer online battle arena. Each player selects a unique Dota 2 The International Heroes at the start of the game. Much of this five-a-side contest at Dota 2 The International 2022 – or any version of the game for that matter, revolves around them. Each hero serves a different purpose and performs different roles depending on how the game plays out. Many Dota 2 TI teams, and even the eventual Dota 2 TI winners, will rely heavily on their heroes.

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Here we break down the Dota 2 TI heroes list.

Dota 2 Heroes at The International

From magical tacticians to fierce brutes, Dota 2’s hero pool is massive and diverse.  There are 123 heroes in Dota 2, the last of which is Primal Beast. In Dota 2, heroes are divided into strengths, agility, and intelligence. There are currently:

  • 42 strength heroes
  • 38 agility heroes
  • 43 intelligence heroes

In general, in the Dota 2 TI heroes list, two or three heroes are released yearly, except in 2020, where only one – Hoodwink – was released.

These heroes are further classified into different tiers, something teams will closely watch and pick at Dota 2 The International 2022. In the Dota 2 TI heroes list, tier-one heroes will appear in almost every draft. There can even be Dota 2 TI betting on heroes in some instances. These Dota 2 The International heroes include:

  • Batrider
  • Undying
  • Enigma
  • Marci
  • Death Prophet
  • Faceless Void

Much of their powers come from the flexibility they allow teams to bring them into lanes as they deem fit, or the might to overpower, something no other hero can counter or replicate.

Dota 2 TI Heroes List

Let’s take a look at some of the best heroes that have or can potentially help some of the game’s most tactically sound and astute teams in their quest for glory at Dota 2 The International 2022, which is set will take place in Singapore in October 2022.


dota 2 the international heroes

Batrider’s USP is that he can strike from any direction. He can soar from treetops, pull out prey through a trail of flame, drag them to a corner, away from allies and snatch foes at will. On the face of it, there’s this general belief that Batrider does everything Storm Spirit does, and so there’s no real difference in role. However, there are subtle differences in roles.

Batrider offers greater mobility, leading to better initiation and escapes. Batrider has the propensity to outline almost everyone else in the mid-lane. That he doesn’t need Blink+ Force to initiate frees up two inventory slots. Batrider makes running away from team fights hard for the enemy.


dota 2 ti heroes list

This is a hero that can potentially be a game-changer for teams at Dota 2 The International 2022. Undying steals strengths from all enemy Dota 2 The International heroes in a specific area. It’s a supporting character than can choose its lane. The hero has fairly swift movement and speed, and intelligence gain. It’s especially useful as a defense mechanism in 5 vs 5 battles.

However, the key lies in the timing of his usage. Undying may lose its relevance in the late game. Undying also has fantastic survival instincts and may be difficult to kill. If you’re in a corner and don’t want to lose the game to the support, Undying is a fantastic hero to use. Undying has several characteristics, decay being the more prominent. Decay steals power from enemies for a specific duration.

During the laning phase, decay helps increase your attack power. Soul Rip – the second skill – allows the character to heal himself and his allies when damage is inflicted. Tombstone is the third ability, which allows you to place tombstones in specific areas that greatly slow down enemy movement and speed.

The Flesh Golem ability greatly enhances characters in battle, slows down enemies, and attacks them at the slightest sign of threat.


ti11 picks and bans

Enigma is a character that prefers both jungle and the hard lane. He can change the outcome of his team’s battle quickly. He can prevent the enemy from farming well. Again as with the case with most Dota 2 The International heroes, timing is the key. When brought in at an opportune time, Enigma’s destructive ability can offset anyway buildings quickly when choosing talents that enhance demonic conversion.

Split-second indecision in choosing an Enigma counter-pick can sometimes be the difference between victory and defeat. One of Enigma’s most underrated abilities is concentrating power on the enemy, which helps inflict periodic damage on the enemy. This greatly affects the speed of the enemy and improves the chances of a kill.


dota 2 the international heroes

Marci is known for its hidden power and gaining fury charges that allow her to take down enemies through a sequence of successive strikes rapidly.  The last strike in every Fury combo creates a damaging pulse around the target that slows down its movement and speed.

Marci can grab an allied or enemy target and throw them effortlessly behind her, causing irreversible damage to the enemy. The effect of this is that any enemy unit in the area of the strike will also be damaged and stunned.

Death Prophet

dota 2 the international heroes

Death Prophet is a ranged character, those primary attribute is intelligence – sussing out enemies at the slightest hints of a threat. The hero is mainly taken as a mid laner and is effective in the mid and late game. Bank on Death Prophet to show good performance in the laning stage. She can strike creeps and speed up farming.

Faceless Void

dota 2 the international heroes

Few Dota 2 The International heroes are as popular as Faceless Void. And that is primarily down to his fine cocktail of carry and initiation potential. As a laner, there’s a hint of risk in fielding him, but early points in time dilation can help mitigate the issue or stem damage if you’re looking to switch to a Plan B after an initial attack has thrown you off gear.

The Shard upgrade in the latest patch of Dota 2 allows him to Reverse Time Walk, a popular scene in the pro circuit. It allows him to jump in and out of fights, bailing out key spells from opponents. As a hero, Faceless Void traps all nearby enemies in a time-dilation field for 8 seconds. It helps extend their cooldowns and slows down their movement and attack speed by 10% to help inflict maximum damage.