LoL Guide: How to Watch League of Legends

Posted on June 9, 2017 - Last Updated on September 27, 2022

There’s a lot that’s going on in a game of League of Legends. For a newer viewer, it’s easy to get lost in the midst of the action and colorful ability effects. Luckily, LoL has a fairly comprehensive HUD and—once you get used to it—you’ll be able to easily understand what’s happening on the screen.

Spectator HUD Breakdown

We’ve prepared an image that will help you understand LoL spectator interface.

As you can see, there’s a total of 22 UI elements, so let’s run through all of them:

  1.  Team Names represent the lineups that are taking part in the current match.
  2. Match Score shows how many wins each team has.
  3. Timer displays how far into the game you are at the moment.
  4. Team Gold is how much gold each lineup has. Gold is the most important resource that lets you observe the state of the game. As a rule of thumb, a team that’s ahead in gold usually has the upper hand.
  5. Kill Count shows how many kills each team has. While having more kills is a decent indicator of who’s winning the fights, it doesn’t always accurately represent a team’s strength.
  6. Turret Count lets you see how many turrets each team destroyed. A lineup that took down the most turrets has more freedom to move around the map and is that much closer to reaching the enemy Nexus.
  7. Dragon Count displays the number and the types of the Elemental Drakes that a team has secured.
  8. Next Drake icon shows what type of dragon you can expect to spawn in the nearest future.
  9. Objective Timer lets you know when the next crucial objective is going to spawn. In our example, the objective is Baron Nashor.
  10. Elder Dragon Buff shows which team has slain an Elder Dragon recently and has a stat boost for the upcoming teamfights. When a team has the buff, the icon lights up.
  11. Minimap is a smaller copy of the game’s battleground, which you can use to track the teams’ movements.
  12. K/D/A represents how many kills, deaths, and assists each player has. Usually, you want your kills and assists to be as high as possible while limiting the amount of deaths.
  13. Creep Score displays how many minions a champion has slain. Since every minion grants gold, it’s a good indicator of how rich a certain champion is.
  14. Item Builds show what items a champion has at the moment.
  15. Champion Icons display which champion are in the game.
  16. Health/Mana Bars let you see how much health and mana champions have.
  17. Level shows the current level of every champion.
  18. Ultimate icons display whether a champion’s ultimate—his most powerful spell—is available at the moment.
  19. Summoner Spell icons do the same thing but for a champion’s summoner spells.
  20. Keystones show which keystone mastery a champion has in this game.
  21. Champion Info has detailed information on the champion that’s currently being observed including his health, mana, skill point allocation, and summoner spells.
  22. Player Cam displays the feed from each team’s player cameras.


Understanding what different HUD elements is key to spectating League of Legends. It might seem overwhelming at first but after watching a few matches, you’ll be able to tell the state of the game at a single glance. You just have to know where to look.

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