Crow Domestic Career


Kim “Crow” Seon-gyu began his LoL career as a substitute for Virtuoso Gaming. Together with his teammates, he played in the 2016 CK Summer Split. Crow only started in two games, both of which happened against Kongdoo Monster and ended in losses. In the end, Vituoso Gaming couldn’t gain any momentum, and their seventh-place finish knocked them down to the relegation match.


Shortly thereafter, Crow left the team to play mid lane for Rising Star Gaming. He took on the 2017 CK Spring Split, but he faced a lot of hardships in the beginning of the regular season. Still, Rising Star Gaming picked up the slack and produced an 8-6 record to qualify for the playoffs. There, they suffered a narrow loss at the hand of BPZ.

In the off-season, Crow went over to ROX Tigers. He started in a single game in the 2017 LCK Summer Split, as ROX preferred to play with their other mid laner, Mickey. When Mickey left the organization at the end of the year, Tigers brought in a new mid laner—Lava—and Crow was officially moved to a substitute position.

Crow International Tournaments

Over the course of his career, Crow didn’t attend any international tournaments.