New Betting Sites 2023: Exploring the Cutting-Edge World of New Betting Sites


This is your helpful resource that will help you find the best new betting sites on the market. We’ve scouted all of the hottest new bookmakers and will continue to do so, to find those who have the best odds, the biggest bonuses and the most immersive betting experiences. We’ve paid close attention to the regulatory and security concerns of these new online betting sites to ensure that you always get a 100% safe way to play. So join us as we explore the very best new betting sites.

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Searching for the most innovative new betting sites

Betting has been around for centuries, but it is still showing plenty of innovation. The online revolution has given the practice a kick-start and this is something that you’ll see in our shortlist of the top new betting sites.

Each of these gives you a dynamic way to play with live betting and a host of extra features that vary from site to site. So whether you want to enjoy free live streaming, esports betting, virtual sports or just betting on some innovative Crash games, you’ll know exactly where to start.

Staying legal when using new sports betting sites

You have to remember that safe online betting is tightly regulated and these regulations change according to where you are playing from. Not only does each individual country have its own way of licensing online betting companies, but such practices can vary on a state or province level too. So this is why we’ll make sure that you find a betting site that has a legitimate online gambling license wherever you’re based.

new sports betting sites

This means understanding how the new betting site is licensed and seeing how that applies to your location. Plus we’ll be on hand to make sure that the betting site features the required levels of encryption technologies, privacy policies and those all-important responsible gambling tools, like betting limits and self-exclusion.

Get expert help in finding new betting sites

We’ve assembled a team of experts who have many years of experience between them and will make sure that you get all of the help you need to find your perfect new betting site. This means quickly understanding whether that betting platform gives you a legal and safe fair way to play as well as providing nothing but fair and competitive betting odds.

We’ll also guide you to those new betting platforms that harness the latest technologies to boost your wagering experience. From sites using the most innovative esports data providers to operators with free live streaming, you’ll have everything you need to experience the best in 21st century online betting.

Bet on your favourite sports at new sports betting sites

The good news is that all new betting sites will give you an entire world’s worth of ways to bet online. From all of the classic sports like football, basketball and horse racing, through to innovations like MMA fighting and beyond, you’ll make sure that you get all of the choice you need to enjoy plenty of quality betting entertainment.

After all, it wasn’t too long ago that betting sites only focused on the major sports. However, nowadays you can enjoy the freedom of betting on even the most niche sports in far flung places all over the world.

This is something mirrored in the sheer range of ways that we can now place our bets. Gone are the days where you could only bet on a limited number of markets like match-winner. Instead, you will face literally hundreds of betting markets for all elite sporting events, and many bookmakers now offer you the chance to come up with your own bets and they’ll supply the odds for you.

new online betting sites

Finding top new online betting sites for virtual sports

The past decade has seen virtual sports betting becoming a phenomenon and it’s now a key ingredient at all good new betting sites. These virtual sports allow you to bet 24/7 on realistic simulations of major sporting events.

From the likes of football and basketball through to horse racing, cycling, motor racing and even greyhound racing, it means that you’ll get plenty of practice in before trying your luck on the real thing. What’s best is that these virtual sports are now evolving at a fascinating rate with improved graphics and audio, and a level of realism that is almost as good as the real thing.

Exploring esports at new betting sites

With pro gaming now in the mainstream, there has been a corresponding growth in the number of specialist esports betting sites. These all aim to give you a legal and safe way to bet on competitive gaming. As such, you’ll find plenty of choice in terms of odds for all of the major esports ranging from League of Legends and Counter-Strike to Dota 2, Valorant and so much more.

Don’t forget about Crash games at new betting sites

There has been an explosion in the number of Crash gambling sites recently and we’ll help you find the best of them. These sites focus on those Crash games that offer an innovative take on casino gaming where you simply have to make predictions and you could win some pretty impressive multipliers should you get it right.

All about NFT and Metaverse Betting

It was only a matter of time before NFTs and metaverse betting came to the betting domain. This is something that can be seen at the ZED RUN site which has managed to create a new form of digital horse racing with NFT tech, while Roobet has become one of the first major bookmakers to launch its expansion into the Metaverse.

It’s clear that NFT gambling is only just getting started but we will be here to guide you through the best of it.

The potentially limitless AR and VR betting opportunities

Augmented reality first hit the mainstream with Pokemon Go, but the expectations are that it will shortly become big news in the betting realm too. By harnessing the latest in AR tech, bookmakers will be able to give customers a much more immersive way to enjoy betting on their favorite sports and esports. With the potential for being able to tap into live action to bet on certain players, it’s going to pave the way for a whole new form of betting entertainment.

new betting sites

The same is true for the inevitable virtual reality betting revolution. While VR tech has still yet to go fully mainstream, it’s easy to see how it could be adapted for the betting world. Already some VR gaming sites have been successfully established allowing customers to play slots in a simulated environment, and it’s only a matter of time before fans will be able to place bets live in simulations of the biggest sporting arenas.

What are AI-first betting sites?

Artificial intelligence could be the biggest single change to hit humanity and this will have an obvious impact on how we bet online. Already providers like Pandascore and other data services have successfully implemented AI technologies to get a more precise odds creation platform. The ability of AI to process huge amounts of data quickly means that it will give the customer an evermore flexible way to place their bets. It’s only just the beginning, but we can expect all new betting sites to have AI at the core of their online services.

Bet on streamers at the best new betting sites

There is no denying the fact that streamers have helped to make the esports domain much more entertaining, and so it was only a matter of time before some enterprising bookmakers started offering odds on streamers betting. This means that esports fans can now enjoy an endless range of betting options for streamers playing on top streaming platforms such as Twitch and Kick.

Already operators such as GG.Bet, Rivalry and Unikrn have found plenty of success with this innovative new model and expectations are that this is only going to get more commonplace in the future.

Enjoy free-to-play games at new betting sites

It was only a decade ago that most people had to pay money upfront to purchase and play games. But this has been turned on its head thanks to the free-to-play gaming revolution. This offers gamers a great way to enjoy literally thousands of games completely free of charge. Such a model means that the gamer might face ads or in-app purchases to venture further into the game, but it has opened up the world of gaming even further. Plus with the advent of play-to-earn games, it looks like things might be getting even more interesting.

A quick word about sweepstakes casinos

We should also mention the fact that sweepstakes casinos and social casinos have started enjoying increasing popularity in the online domain. These sites look and play like regular real money casinos, only the key difference is that they don’t actually involve any gambling.

Instead, both of these types of sites will let you play slots and table games with virtual credit that has no cash value, and the best thing is that it won’t cost you a single penny to play. Just remember that social casinos are strictly for fun sites where you won’t win any prizes. However, sweepstakes casinos will let you play in a promotional play mode where you could win prizes like merchandise, gift cards and even cash.

What lies ahead for Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily fantasy sports has been one of the breakthrough forms of entertainment in the past couple of decades. While there is still plenty of debate about whether DFS actually constitutes gambling, there is no doubt that it is a lot of fun.

This is because players get to assemble their teams and then enter them in tournaments where they could have a chance of winning a cash prize. The chances of doing this are dependent on whether the players perform well in the real world, and it gives all sports fans a much greater way to get closer to the action.

Experience the best new betting sites

We’ve shown you some of the best new betting sites on the market and now it’s up to you to get the most out of what these brands have to offer. Of course, just because these betting sites are new doesn’t mean that you can miss out on the basics of betting. This means having a good grounding in having betting markets explained and always gambling responsibly.

Our guide will be updated on a regular basis to take account of all of the changes in the online betting revolution. This means that you just need to check back here to see which online bookmakers are pushing things forwards and from here you can simply sign up to these sites and enjoy a whole new way to bet online.

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